So much for my nap

Posted: March 9, 2008 in Uncategorized

Yep. I sure had plans after a great lunch with some church friends to come home and take a nap. You know the kind of sleep I’m talking about …

that nap that starts calling your name about mid-morning. You begin to literally dream about it (with your eyes open) during lunch. Just the anticipation alone is beyond description.

We walked into the house around 2:00p and dog gone it. A nap didn’t happen. At least not for me.

Why? Well, I don’t really know. Other than, I had SO much spinning through my mind.

I know I have a lot to get accomplished this week at the office. And I am behind on some things here at home. Joe and four others are traveling to a leadership conference mid-week, too. Just a busy week all around at our house.

I am beyond excited about church today, so I’m still pretty keyed up (we had salvations in the house today and it was awesome!) The band wrapped up the service with a killer jam session, too, that made everyone just want to stay! You can forget tearing down a set-up church when praise is still rockin’ the house after a service!

I watched my pastor husband “cut some z’s” in his favorite recliner today (with a little golf going in the background), while I was hunkered down over the computer.

This thinking over the past 12 hours … Joe gave it everything he had this weekend. He worked with the set-up team last night, lots of physical labor, before coming home and putting finishing touches on the message God would have him to share.

He beat me out the door this morning, too. Not sure how he did that, especially after losing that “spring forward” one hour of sleep. God really showed up today. Joe delivered the message with passion and energy.

But when he got home, and got still, Joe was down for the count!

Now, it’s my turn. We’ve got a movie on the tube, but I’m just winding down. I’m going to grab a quick “nutri-snack” then hit the hay.

(Oh and for a diet update, I’m down 13 pounds. Still a few to go, but I’m committed.)


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