For a woman my age

Posted: March 13, 2008 in Uncategorized

Well, I knew THAT would get your attention!  What is Pam about to say about her age????

I am a health FREAK these days.  You’ve read it in earlier posts.  It’s about better eating habits, lifestyle, exercise and overall good healthy choices.  I’ve cut back to next-to-no Diet cokes.  I am taking the stairs more than the elevators at the office.  I am taking advantage of days like today and walking downtown a few blocks and back for my lunch.   IT ROCKS!

Last fall,I had one of those head-to-toe physcial check-ups.  You know, the one that lasts about four hours at Vandy?   From total blood workup to an EKG, we left no stone unturned.   All checked out great… except for the “weight thing” which I’ve been working on ever since.  What a drag!

Today, was one of those … well, you know.  The woman doctor.   And what did I find out?    Gee, I may be 70 or something  before I go through menapause.

Ouch – I bet half of you just checked out of this post!  Wouldn’t blame you.

But, for those of you still hangin’ in there with me, I have not one – NOT ONE – sign that I may be entering that spastic hormonal time of my life.  If you can read between the lines here, I’ve kinda been hoping for it.  But again, the Lord is teaching me a little patience, even in this.

I had dinner tonight with two of my favorite 30-something friends – Julie and Nicole (they, too, are pastor’s wives).  Both have small children.  I’m old enough to be their Momma, and “Mamaw” to their children.   BUT, it just doesn’t seem that way when we’re hanging out.  We went back to Nicole’s for some chill time.   As we laughed and talked about life, love and the pursuit of happiness (seemed like an appropriate phrase) – I realized God has me exactly where He wants me.

Today’s “boomer gal” is just different from the generation before me. 

We are living longer.  We are taking better care of ourselves.  We’re smart.  We’re driven.   And we will NOT let go of our world to the younger generation like our parents before us.  I even told my 26 year old daughter once recently, “don’t get any ideas about putting me in one of those retirement homes just to get me out of your way.  I’ll kick your backside.”   Now, I’m realizing how serious I actually was.

God has blessed me in so many ways.  Literally, in both life and love. 

My prayer is that God would continually place me where He can use me to reach those who do not know anything about Truth and a life with Christ.  May He continue to provide for my good health and guide my steps.  It’s an awesome life we are given.  May my now-healthier-body be used to glorify the One and Only source of eternal life.


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