Quick Saturday Hello to All

Posted: March 22, 2008 in Uncategorized

Just dropping by for a quick “hi-dee” (as Joe’s wonderful Aunt Mae would say) …

It’s been an uneventful day at our house for the most part.

Chels was out of the house early for a Saturday.  The boyfriend had a soccer game, so that automatically meant she was out the door to watch him play.  But honestly, she needed to be home in bed.

That gal has a cold that’s not going away easy.  She says she sounds worse than she feels.  But at that age, it is near impossible to keep her home.    Teenagers.  They are just like little energizer bunnies.

Joe and I headed out for just a while.  We felt a little bit of the evil one trying to get all up in our stuff about mid-morning.   But I told that piece of garbage to leave us alone, in the name of Jesus!

You see, in a pastor’s home, you must be prepared for attacks from some of the weirdest spaces and unlikely places.  And you can bank on that sort of thing occurring before a big day like Easter!   But even more, I can count on my God to come through with some awesome protection.   I sure needed a bit of it this morning when I got a little bent out of shape about something REALLY stupid.   But all is well now.

Where am I this moment?  Watching some NCAA bball.  Stinkin’ Duke fell to W. Virginia today – sure didn’t see that coming either.  Maybe that’s where the demons went after I prayed them away from me!  Oh well, another hit to my picks today.

Next game, go Xavier.

We’ve got set-up for the UC in just a little while.  So, the next three hours are basketball and hanging on the sofa (allowing Joe a quick peek at PGA every now and then to check in on Tiger Woods).

Joe’s not planning on too many sports breaks this afternoon.  He’s up to his neck in preparation for tomorrow – so I don’t anticipate too many “pastor sightings” before tomorrow morning.

Night, ya’ll.


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