Blessings from the Son

Posted: March 27, 2008 in Uncategorized

Wahoo!  Look outside.  Feel outside.  It is over 70 degrees. And I’m lovin’ it.   But as much as I love the sun, my post this evening has more to do with The Son.   In case you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, well, there’s just too much to say right here…but here’s a few highlights.

I have been on one HUGE spiritual journey in recent days.   Hummm.  I just checked and realized I had not posted since Saturday – this past weekend.  Wow.

God has moved some mountains inside of me in the last few days.  For those who see me day in and day out, or at least catch me on the phone, know that God has met me in some crazy places – coming and going.

I went to a wonderful “Going Home” service for a co-worker today.   The Lord called him home on Saturday.  After an extended illness, he simply eased into eternity with his Heavenly Father.    I was moved by the stories of his earthly accomplishments, but more moved by the spiritual things he did while on this earth 62 years.  It really got me to thinking about myself – and how I have been mediocre, at best, in accomplishing Kingdom things.

I’m not kicking myself for falling down 24/7.   But what I am saying is God has us here for such a short time.  For such a time as this …. well, I just need to be more spiritually productive.

Then, earlier in the day, I was engaged by some amazing Bible teaching on video.   I was challenged by the call to “walk toward the darkness” and not away from it in fear.  You know, like what Moses did (Ex. 20:21) when he approached the darkness near the mountain where God was.

This stayed with me all day.  In fact, God gave me multiple opportunities to share this with people around me and on the phone … in discussions I had about so many topics.  The Scripture just kept popping up.

Does God ever do that to you when you study with Him?  Comment me and share one!  Just keeps “popping up” in various creative ways – speaking through you in ways that just amaze?  No one is more creative than God.  No one.  

What amazed me even more were the “God things” and testimonies coming out of darkness situations and seeing what came about on the other side!   God, through us, is that Light that will get us through.  Just watch Him work!

As for earlier this week, it’s just been an interesting few days – including my daughter’s acceptance into college.   Dorm assignments.  Financial aid paperwork.   Things that kept me busy into the night.  

NO ONE prepares you for the time and energy it takes to get a student into college – unless the school is handing over a $25,000 scholarship on a silver platter.  That would’ve made it easier. I’m sure thankful  there’s a little scholarship $$ coming . 

Bottom line, I am a professional on this college entrance thing now. Call on me if you need some help with this one.

Diet update:  15 pounds and counting.  Not too shabby.  Just keep that encouragement coming.  I did take a break and have some “Mexican on the hill” this week with my friend Faith.   It’s just too yummy to pass up.   I somehow kept my hands out of the chip basket most of the time….MOST of the time.

I’ll close with a little marketing for this weekend at the UC.  

The series is DOORS.   This week’s message is PRESSURE.   If you are under a little, OR A LOT of pressure, this is the message to hear from this series.   I encourage you to put it on your calendar.  Join us for a good dose of the Word, along with some jammin’ praise & worship from the daddy of Jackson Nicholas Diamond (yup – Nick & Nicole are parents to a baby boy!!)  We’ll drag Nick away from that baby long enough to drum up some tunes.

And ladies, get ready.  Coming soon:  Chick Flix.   It’s all about the girls.


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