Miracles in my living room

Posted: April 2, 2008 in Uncategorized

Every other Wednesday night, it’s “Connect Group” night at our house …

I’ve truly grown to love our group.    Our home just radiated with affection for everyone around the circle this evening.   We had a packed house, even with a couple of folks missing.

I threw together a little Mexican layered dip (of the diet version, of course).  And because my drink of choice is water, I asked if everyone would be good with bottled H2O.   We laughed because it’s becoming evident that I want to see good health and well being for our entire group.

As we shared tonight through discussion and the reading of Scripture, I sat back and watched God’s movement.

One of our dear members has cancer.  It has actually returned after being in remission.  I was amazed tonight how God gave this wonderful man the courage to be so transparent before our group … his family.

Then, one of the first time guests to our group ( a Starbucks buddy who came to check out the UC and loved it ) shared his heart about his desire to focus on his family after years of selfish living.   What courage it took to share in front of people he just met.   To top it off, he brought his ex-wife and daughter!

Does it get any better than that?

The time together this evening was rich.  I am already getting excited as I anticipate what God may do the next time we “connect”, two weeks from tonight.

  1. I love it when the church acts like the church! This and many more other great things people are doing for each other behind the scenes at UpRising simply make me smile at what God is doing.

  2. spoiledcatsmom says:

    THAT is what I’m talking about. Ministry where the rubber meets the road. What a gift when folks fee free to be vulnerable with you. Thanks for sharing!

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