Home before sunset

Posted: April 3, 2008 in Uncategorized

It is not even 7pm.  I’ve eaten. I’ve had a grande extra foam latte with a little honey drizzle … and I am at home…
What is up with me being TOTALLY settled in before dark?  I couldn’t be more thankful.

Sure, the laundry is spinning out in the washer.  And I’ll be up and down a few times to transition a few loads from the washer to the dryer.   But other than that, I’m glued to the sofa.

Ahhh, it’s Thursday night.  I am rarely still ANY night.  But this evening I’ll catch a full hour of “The Office”.

I rarely see that show, but I can tell you that I’ve had a couple of office experiences in my past that come pretty close to what you see on TV with very little exaggeration.   Not in my current job, but mostly in my media experiences in radio and television work.   There are some whack people out there in the workplace and no subject is sacred with many of them.

By the way, one more inch of rain and I’m running to my husband’s “man cave” and we’re going to build our own version of an ark.  The rain today was insane.  At one point, it was so dark outside it looked like 9pm and water was just draining down my window.

Apparently, I’ll be keeping my raincoat near the door. I’ll be needing it again in the morning.   How’s that for a weather tease from the wife of a former weather guy?!!  I’m out.

  1. i love the new theme…. very calm. very simple. very thoughtful!

    and VERY different from the smoothie – wow.

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