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Posted: April 7, 2008 in Uncategorized

Just in case you were wondering … what is the connection between me and the folks and churches listed on my blogroll …

It all starts with the UC … UpRising Church. My husband is the Senior Pastor there. Our Executive Pastor is Jonathan Elis. Jonathan and his wife Julie have walked alongside us in ministry for a while now.  Few know us better.

Crosspoint Church, where Pete Wilson is senior pastor, helped to launch our church last winter, both financially and with loads of servant helpers. Pete and his team are awesome.  My hubby loves chattin’ it up with him. I enjoy reading Pete’s blog and watching what’s happening at their locations downtown and in Dickson.

And Crossroads over in Lebanon, TN is another church Crosspoint helped out, plus Randy Cook – the senior pastor there – graduated from high school and two universities with me! We literally walked three graduation lines together! So we go WAY back. He hasn’t changed a bit.  The scary thing is that Randy and Joe are good buds now.  I have to keep watch on how much they hang out.

And LifeWay Women? It’s the work I do – my day job that extends into the night sometimes – and love so much. I listed our home page on the blogroll.

Just wanted you to know why those links are the ones I choose to list.  These dear friends and churches are in my prayers daily!  God is working in amazing ways within the work of these ministries.  I am honored to call them family.

Blessings all.

  1. spoiledcatsmom says:

    And this lifeWay woman is honored to serve with you and learn from you. What a journey we are on.

  2. Tim Kurek says:

    Aren’t I supposed to be on there lol?

  3. pcase says:

    LOL. Now you are through this post! Happy Tuesday Tim!

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