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Posted: April 13, 2008 in Uncategorized

What a powerful couple of days in San Diego. Here’s some behind the scenes bonus material from the trip – click below if you’re interested.

Kris and I talked our heads off to women who stopped by

My travel buddy, marketing strategist and dear friend Kris and I took off Thursday afternoon to head west. This is Kris in the above photo, working the booth at our conference at San Diego State, just outside Cox Arena. It was a lovely evening to be outside, doing what we are gifted to do – TALK!

But before I move on, can I just say airline travel these days just isn’t what it used to be?!!

When I was little, I remember my mom dressing me up to “fly to Mamaw’s house”. It was always a big deal to fly. The service on an airline was second to none. Meals were even served, with a smile, at no additional cost. And yes, that was a long time ago.

The last 10 years have gotten progressively worse. Meals cost money. On some flights, snacks cost money. And if you are flying less than 90 minutes, don’t count on anything to munch on – not even a diet coke or package of peanuts.

In general, service just isn’t that great. Plan on being delayed, too. PLAN ON IT. And of course, it happened to us. Fortunately, the two hour delay in Atlanta didn’t lead to an overnight stay (like my last cross country trip). Unfortunately, we didn’t get to our hotel in SD until almost midnight – 2am Nashville time.

Within 8 hours I’d be standing in front of a group of ladies, teaching a class that I’d only had about 48 hours to prepare for. (thank goodness for that time in the Atlanta airport – I was really able to seek God’s guidance on His plan for the class – WHOA, He sure showed up!) So, the time in ATL actually turned into valuable study time.

Great worship led by Kelly Minter!It started at Fellowship Church – a lovely place of worship located in the city. Over 200 women joined us for a leadership / training event we called WIRED. Our time there went by so quickly. Kelly Minter led the worship. I just love her so much! What a tremendous talent!

Lunch in SD

Then, it was off to find some authentic Mexican food. The restaurant recommended to us was Cafe Guadalajara. Oh my.

The salsa, the guacamole, the Mexican shrimp cocktail. Well, ALL of it was some of the best ever! My diet took a little turn. I knew that I’d get back on track this week. I just wouldn’t deny myself this treat.

A quick break at the hotel It was so much fun hanging with Kris, too. We have some good history. We were trainers together during our days in the retail division of our company. We led too many training sessions to count those days, anywhere a new store was built in the U.S.

It was our job to take 15 or so new store employees who had never met and help them “create a team and become a work family” in three days! It was a tremendous opportunity.

Now, God has brought us back together in a brand new work scenario. It was a hoot to be back on the road together again. In SD, she and I worked our ministry resource and information booth. We had a great opportunity to interact with thousands of women in the 48 hours we were in town.

A little view of the waterAnd, oh yeah, we saw the water, too! Why is that a big deal? Answer: because most of our trips are limited to seeing an airport, the drive on the way to a venue or hotel, then back to the airport to come home. This time, we were determined to see some west coast water. And we did. We happened upon this great dock that stretched into the Pacific. Since the airport was right by the water, we stopped to snap a couple of photos.

Now, it’s Sunday afternoon and time for rest. My hubby is already snoozing and I’m nodding off.

Glad to be home – thankful for some beautiful memories made in 72 hours including some AMAZING ministry to a lot of women who traveled from everywhere to seek a glimpse of God. And they did! WE did.

Until next time …

  1. Paul says:

    Can you believe that God allows us to do the things we get to do in His Kingdom. Bad service with the airlines and all, but He allows us to influence others. It overwhelms me some times. I head to FL in the morning and hope to see some water too. Get some rest. Thanks for allowing God to use you.

  2. pcase says:

    Paul – thanks for the comment. You are so right. I have felt SO overwhelmed at times with the responsibility of it all. But He equips us, doesn’t He? Travel safely to FLA. And I’ll pray for on-time departures and arrivals, too! LOL.

    Go to my FACEBOOK for all 40+ photos of the SD trip. Wow, it was amazing!

  3. Kris says:

    Great update Pam! I had a blast – always fun traveling with my buddy Pam. We know, people, people who need people . . . we are the luckiest people in the world ; – )

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