satan and the home

Posted: April 19, 2008 in Uncategorized

Dang that piece of garbage named satan. I am just about over what is happening to today’s family …

All around me I am seeing families attacked. I hate that it sounds cliche to say “satan will begin with the home”. But that is what happens. When he and his demons get hold of the home, the rest seems to go downhill from there. And getting back on track can seem impossible.

I spent some time with a dear friend this week who has seen her home under serious attack. As we walked through Scripture and times when God moved in mighty ways in relationships, I was reminded of how easy we sometimes just want to give up. It is so much work to “make things work”.

Giving up should not be an option when you have Jesus in your heart. But I know, because I have been down that path, that Jesus can sometimes get lost in the hurt, the anger, the denial, the helplessness, the loneliness and the list goes on and on and on.

Joe is starting a new series in the morning – it’s called Divine Design. He’ll share some personal stories from our own life together – where God has done some pretty mighty design work in us along the way. (And, by the way, we’re still a work in progress. He certainly isn’t done with us yet.)

More than anything, I know that the message will bring hope and encouragement to you and to your family – especially if you are finding yourself being tempted into a place that will allow evil to seep into your home.

Join us tomorrow – won’t you? I can tell you that:

1) Truth will be presented

2) You’ll be loved where you are

3) You won’t leave as the same person you were when you came in.

See you at the UC, Sunday at 10am.


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