A Livin’ Out Loud Hello to Randy Cook

Posted: April 27, 2008 in Uncategorized

 I cannot put my head on the pillow tonight without a big shout out to Randy Cook.  

Now, to those of you who follow my husband’s blog, you know that Joe is a big fan of Crossroads Community Church.  Randy serves as the senior pastor there.   Rarely do days pass that Joe and Randy aren’t texting and/or talking.  Joe considers Randy a close friend and pastoral confidant.  

Well, I get to claim him first.  

I’ve written about ‘ol Randy before.  He and I were in school together from 7th grade to high school graduation.  Then we followed each other to junior college for two years, then transferred and received our bachelor’s degrees together.  There’s not too many folks in my life that can claim that.  Wahoo – something to brag about!

Randy was not part of our reunion last night, but he should’ve been there.  I’ve promised him there’s an invite in the email inbox for the next time we all reconnect.  

Randy was on his way to Atlanta tonight and gave us a call.  He had seen photos from last night’s reunion gathering and had tons to say about them.  (It was all good of course – especially the part about me!)   Randy is one of the funniest people I know.  Of course, his funny business in high school could’ve gotten me kicked out if I hadn’t learned to control my laughter.

Today, 30 years later, Randy may be a bit more “distinguished”,  but he’s still the same ‘ol Randy to me. And truthfully, I’m pretty proud of that guy.  We’ve come a long way, baby.  At least that’s what they say.

Safe travels, friend.  Now I can go to sleep.


  1. beef says:

    I love Randy Cook! He and I would get so tickled during debate competition. Hope to see him soon!

  2. What!

    Man I feel so honored…..to be mentioned here on this blog!

    First I want to thank my mother and father and all the people who voted for me……oh, sorry. Wrong place.

    You are crazy!


  3. Pete Wilson says:

    Pam, I can’t believe you would leave Randy out! 🙂 Glad you made it up by giving him some blog love.

  4. Joe Case says:

    Randy is a WILD man!! He says some of the most insane things. I love it!!

  5. pcase says:

    Well look – three of my favorite pastors commenting on the same post! Love ya’ll.

  6. Vicki Atkinsonl says:

    Is this the famous Kroger’s Randy?
    He was indeed always a delight-my mohter adored him!

  7. pcase says:

    Same ‘ol Randy!! Gotta love him! He and my hubby are good friends and that is SO scary! LOL.

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