Livin’ Out Loud Over a Year … well, for many years

Posted: April 30, 2008 in Uncategorized

It’s an anniversary of sorts.  Not one to really write home about, but an anniversary all the same…

Just over a year ago, I wrote my first post for this blog.  It was nothing special.  Heck, most of what’s been posted since that day in April wouldn’t be considered special.  

But what is here is simply me.  

As for “Livin’ Out Loud” … I’ve been doing that for a long time.  Long before I ever posted that first time.

Livin’ out loud has come from many life experiences.  From those experiences have come the complexities that make me who I am.   Which would fit right into a statement made to me just the other day … “Pam, you are really complex.”   Understatement.

But, it is the same for everyone.

Nothing takes the place of experience.  Experience creates the complex individual that we become over time.  That I’ve learned.  (Took me a while to grasp that one, though.)

You can read all the books.  Heck, you can even attempt to write them.  But until you’ve simply walked through life.  Walked through the fires.  Experiencing the many mountaintop and valley places – you really REALLY don’t have the goods.

I was sharing with someone the other day.  I know that God has allowed me to walk through some pretty heated fires.  Dang, I could claim college degrees (no pun intended) in “fiery hot” people experiences.  And that is just one of many fields of study for me through the years. 

I’ve been known to claim that God has such a sense of humor, allowing me the opportunities to do what I do today.   Sometimes I think, “thank goodness God didn’t see my in my 20’s when I was all about me …”

Oh yeah, He did know me then.   I just didn’t look His way very much.  (Thank you Lord for Your patience with me!)  

God sure knew the bigger picture, for sure!

When I think of “livin’ out loud”, I’m reminded of something our associate VP at work told me last year.   “You never really know who is listening to your voice”.    I pondered on that for a few days after taking a new role at my work.   I had “been heard” and it apparently was a good thing at the time.

But, with all that said, I can recall many times when “my voice” got me into trouble.  I talked way more than I listened.  I had no place in my heart for the thoughts and actions of others.   I’d give advice in my early years that was no more foundational than quicksand.

What am I really saying here?  

Simply that “livin’ out loud” is what I’ve always done.  It didn’t just start in a blog 12 months ago.   But “HOW” I live out loud has changed over a long period of time.   

I am extremely thankful to my God.   Through Him, I stand today – not on quicksand – but on the Solid Rock.   I am thankful for my “complexity”.   And I am thankful for “my voice” – and that God has been gracious and patient with me through the years – that I might be more in tune with Him.

It’s been nice sharing a little piece of myself here the past 12 months – sharing “my voice”.   Now, consider sharing “your voice” by taking time to toss your own thoughts on a blogsite, or even a big yellow legal pad.   There’s something therapeutic about it, too.

Now see, I’m not always complex.   These thoughts were simply … simple.


  1. JCP says:

    Whut? just kidding….we wouldn’t have you any other way…

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