Cannot sleep – yikes

Posted: May 4, 2008 in Uncategorized

Oh, Sunday nights come way too soon. I am keyed up for a couple of reasons …

The first Monday of every month brings a big ‘ol day long meeting. I lead it, but there are tons of report outs on various projects and work that takes place across the organization.

It’s a lot to absorb. Many actions come from the discussions. My brain has to be turned onto high gear.

We’ll meet most of the day – then comes a big fat project tomorrow night that involves a video production with me doing the hosting.

Boy oh boy – I love this stuff – but I’ve just about made myself crazy over making sure I pull off what I need to do. I’m working with this crazy “ear prompter” thingie that really messes with my head. Instead of memorizing the script, or even using the traditional teleprompter to tell me what to say, I am recording the entire script on a digi-recorder.

THEN, I play the files back – one at a time – IN MY EAR, then repeat what I hear. i do all this listening and talking at the same time I’m walking and looking into a moving camera on a jib arm! Does that make sense? I threw some TV talk in there for ya. Regardless, I’ve been upstairs practicing this thing. Now, I can practice no more. I’m exhausted with it.

First of all, if anyone has ever accused me of enjoying listening to myself, you can forget it. I have no desire to hear myself talk – ever again. Then, this whole idea of listening to myself and about three seconds later repeating it – IN COMPLETE SENTENCES. Plus, appearing calm and conversational.

Have mercy, it’s absolutely insane.

Guess I better get a grip – that’s showbiz.


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