Prayer for the church, Part II

Posted: May 4, 2008 in Uncategorized

Without going into detail – the detail is no one’s business except the church members involved – I simply ask for prayer again for a fellow church. I will continue to ask for this, as I love so many of those involved in both sides of the situation…

My heart is grieved again today. Our prayers cannot stop for the people of this church.

Who is really losing here?

Simple answer. The Kingdom of God.

With every day that the internal upheaval continues, with every mean-spirited communication, with every news story that is delivered, the Kingdom takes another hit.

All of this is a simple reminder that, folks, it is not about us. It isn’t about our own personal wants, needs and expectations of a church. It’s not about the pastor. It’s not about the staff. It’s not even about a great fellowship, bible study program, Easter passion play or a summer camp that a church may offer.

It’s simply about reaching a lost world for Christ.

Fellowships, bible studies, passion plays and summer camps are great tools. But if the church – the people – don’t see their own responsibility for reaching the lost, then there’s a bigger issue at hand.

I’d ask that you lift up prayers for churches everywhere. That’s what I’m doing tonight as I write.

The evil one and his demons lurk to seek and destroy. They will show up in the areas of weakness in people – and yes, people within the church. Especially in people within the church!

You see, we tend to forget that people in church are human too. And we “church people” also have weaknesses. You can bet your bottom that in a moment of your very own weakness, something not so pretty can come spewing out. I know, ’cause it happens to my own bad self more often than I’d like to admit. But I am taking this opportunity to admit it while I’m at it. I’m also asking God’s forgiveness when It happens. He grants me that forgiveness. People, on the other hand, find it more difficult to forgive.

So, in your alone time with the Lord in the coming moments, please remember the church. Just that – the church.

Those leading in churches today are just trying to do the best they can do with the gifting, talent and abilities they have … and the gifting, talent and abilities around them. It’s a tough row to hoe. But when God has called you, you just keep working the soil the best way you know how. God will bless those good faith efforts.

I am asking God to show us a miracle at the church where my brothers and sisters in Christ are hurting right now. I know that they all want to get back in the business of working the soil, planting the seeds.

My brothers and sisters at this very special church, we love you. We pray for renewed hearts, a renewed spirit from within, and that the evil one would be stopped dead in his tracks, in the name of Jesus.


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