I wish I had pictures

Posted: May 6, 2008 in Uncategorized

But I have lots of video, though…

Hopefully, I can link a clip to my blog later in the year when the editing is complete.

I walked in the door at 12:20am this morning after an amazing video shoot downtown at The Cannery.   It was a killer location for shooting.  I love the exposed brick walls and the fact that the amazing producer/director was projecting video behind me on the wall as the background. Dang, it was cool looking.

I’m hosting a video project for a women’s ministry project.  It releases in September.  I enjoy this type of video work and it rocks my world when I’m able to weave it into ministry!

And remember my post from the other night … the one where I mentioned using that “ear prompter” thingie to guide me in my script delivery?  Well, I did it – and it was insane!  

For all you TV geeks out there – I loved being able to record my entire script, file by file, in a digi-recorder.   It’d play it back in my ear, then I’d deliver the script on about a 3-second delay.   When we wrapped last night, the PD told me that I had “earned my ear bud degree” and that I was an official member of the “ear bud club”.    Apparently those things can be kind of hard to master, but by the grace of God, it worked beautifully for me.

So, I am working at home on a presentation I’m delivering at the office on Friday.  I’m enjoying wearing “scrubs” while I’m working and feeling the breeze of the crisp morning coming through the house.

Joe is in Atlanta with some of his Nashville pastor buds at another great conference.  We’re holding down the fort back home.

Catch ya’ll later – there’s work to be done.


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