Posted: May 11, 2008 in Uncategorized

IChels 07

As we begin our final days before graduation, I feel I will be “waxing” often about it – so I hope that’s okay.

That’s what moms do. I love this photo, one of many favorites of my youngest …

I’ve included a couple more. She took a couple of these photos herself with a camera we bought her some time ago. She loves just shooting little “staged candids” of herself.

I love the spirit of her photos. Always fun. That’s because she is. Her personality enters the room before she does.

It’s hard to believe we are at the end of this particular path of life with her.

Of course, there is still SO much more to go. Each road will be a great journey as she continues to grow into a young woman.

She is so much like her sister, too – and I love that.

What a great time when we’re all together – which graduation will bring that, too. All the kids together.

On this Mother’s Day, I guess I am finding myself reminiscing as I wrap up the day. I couldn’t be more proud of the accomplishments of my children.

Has being their mom been a challenge from time to time? Oh yeah, sure. It just goes with the territory.

But I wouldn’t change being mom to my girls for anything. G’night for now.

  1. beef says:

    hmmmmm….. gee….. wonder where she could have gotten that personality from….

  2. pturner63 says:

    Reminisce away. We are doing the same. Our oldest graduates on Sat. and we have had a blast looking at old photos and remembering some Shelbi-isms like “fuzz sock”, dogs that “hath” (make the sound like a dog panting and you will see where she got that one), and how tight she used to have to wear her shoes and her pants and shorts up around her neck. Great kid with lots of good memories and more to come. Celebrate them of course. It is all good.

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