In for a quick hello

Posted: May 12, 2008 in Uncategorized

I know … I should be resting.  I think I’m discovering that THIS is rest.  You know what I mean?

Stopping to write gives me a nice sense of peace in my life.  I am extremely thankful for a place to throw down some words, even if I am the only one who can make sense of them.

Today was jam-packed.  I won’t go on and on about it though.  As I am learning, most every person I know has “jam-packed days”.  It is just the way it is.

My hubby has a message this weekend on REST … so come on by Sunday morning and give it a listen.  I know I’d better get me a front row seat.  Hearing from God, with some great tips on resting, should be a powerful combination.

Think we can toss in a pedicure and a trip to sandy, white beaches of the Gulf?  G’nite ya’ll !!!

  1. beef says:

    are you raffling the Gulf trip Sunday?

  2. pcase says:

    If we raffled that trip, I’d have to challenge that “church staff not included in the giveaway” rule. Dog gone it.

  3. Jenni Catron says:

    Hey Pam, I was over at my friend Marla’s site today and I got to thinking that you guys should meet. Here site is called Coffee Shop Journal… need I say more? 🙂 Hope your week is going well. If you get a chance check out Marla’s blog at

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