Props for my man

Posted: May 15, 2008 in Uncategorized

I just gotta do it.  I gotta give my hubby some props for the work he is doing around the house …

You see, he is one busy guy.  Being senior pastor at a new church plant is (get ready ’cause here it comes) IS INSANE!!!  The work is non-stop.  And so are the blessings.

But because of our time with our church family, staff and (oh yeah) our daughter graduating high school next week, we just don’t have much time.  I mean, we have NO time to get things done around the house.

We want to do some renovation – but truthfully, we got a lot of “junk removal” that has to take place first.  And Joe is well on his way helping to make that happen.

I am so proud of the time he’s put on his office project this week – yet he has still had time for his usual meetings around town, plus his men’s group and pastor accountability gathering.   He sure has put in a tough week.

Is it all done?  Well, no.  But this was no small project.   And he is moving right along.

So, KUDOS to my man for dedicating some time at the ‘ol homestead this week.    I love it!

  1. beef says:

    gotta go drag stuff out of the garage to the driveway for the neighborhood yard sale this morning….

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