What’s on my mind today

Posted: May 17, 2008 in Uncategorized

My cat and meI woke up this morning with lots on my mind and a cat as my pillow. I have slowed down just a moment here. It’s now mid-afternoon.

Joe grilled us some burgers and I’ve got a wonderful breeze blowing through the house. I’ve been sitting here long enough to realize just what all I have on my mind…

Here are a few things I’ve been thinking about today …

1. Wonder how much it would cost to replace the floor in both our two upstairs bathrooms- like by next weekend!

2. Will my sister come out to see me (45 minutes across town) to show off the mustang convertible she just bought this morning ? (I hate her right now – not really!)

3. Chelsea is babysitting a 7 week old and his two year old sister today. I bet she has her hands full.

4. I have an important phone call Monday at the office – sure hope it goes well.

5. I wish I didn’t have to leave the house the rest of the day and just get some things done without interruption.

6. Wishing Joe’s “summer cold” would go away – he got up in the middle of the night to sleep downstairs. He was coughing so much. : ( He’s been feeling terrible.

7. Wondering how much damage was really done to Chelsea’s car yesterday (a fellow student rear-ended her accidentally after school yesterday). It’s pretty squished up and the timing couldn’t have been worse… right before graduation.

8. Wish some of my Ohio relatives could come to Chelsea’s graduation.

9. I need to land on a menu for Chelsea’s graduation reception.

10. I’m really glad I have already bought the gift for a church member baby shower we are giving tomorrow afternoon. I usually wait to the last minute.

11. My travel schedule for work is about to pick up a little bit, including a short retreat “in the middle of nowhere” with my team!! I have “getting psyched up” for the travel on my mind since I’ve become a home body and don’t apologize for it.

12. I wonder what happened to some recent old friends of mine that just seemed to have disappeared off the face of the earth.

13. Then again, I’m thinking about my three best girlfriends from high school who I am meeting for dinner at an artsy little grille on Monday night. One of them is flying in from Albuquerque for it – I cannot wait!

14. Will Chelsea miss me as much as I know I’m going to miss her when she leaves for college?

15. In all of this thinking, would it be wrong to ask the Lord for some calm in my brain … even for just a little while?

Gotta run – loads to do before heading to a picnic then church set-up. Ahhhhhh. Saturday nights!

  1. pturner63 says:

    We just celebrated all things graduation with our oldest, Shelbi. It has been a great day. Just enjoy it as it comes.

  2. beef says:

    Pat had that summer cold. Take lots of echinacea and don’t catch it! (I prefer “Michael’s Immune Response” actually.)

  3. beef says:

    (Don’t worry: you’ll visit Chelsea here, I’ll meet you for coffee….)

  4. jdellis says:

    Are these all simultaneous thoughts?

  5. pcase says:

    Insane but yes – simultaneous.

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