Rest comes in the form of girls night out

Posted: May 27, 2008 in Uncategorized

After cleaning house, planting flowers and entertaining before and after my daughter’s graduation – I was ready for some rest.

Tonight, rest came in the form of girls night out …

God knew what He was doing when he brought Beef, Smootie and Diane back to me.  I’ve been writing about these gals now for a few weeks.  But I cannot help it, because it is such a blessing to be reunited with these ladies I care so much about.

After a day long video shoot for work, I was BIG TIME ready to meet the girls for dinner.   We have determined that the Hillsboro Village area is a great “middle ground” for meeting, as we are coming from all parts of the Music City area – except for Diane who was in town from her home in Albuquerque.   D flies home tomorrow afternoon, so we HAD to have one more night out.

We hit a place for dinner tonight where we filled up on everything from crab cakes, to fish tacos, to shrimp dip and more.  Then wrapped up the evening taking pictures, laughing and sipping coffee at Fido.

Ahhhh, what is this feeling now?  Reality is setting in.  I am home now, ready to catch some ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz.  I need a good night’s sleep now before a big rest of the week at my office.

So, goodnight friends who make my heart smile.  I cannot wait for that next time we cross paths!

  1. beef says:

    Thanks! It was a blast, and I, too, treasure you guys and am so glad we are reunited. Sorry I pooped out early…. I function better with (optimally) 8 hours of sleep….

  2. spoiledcatsmom says:

    I’m so glad you have got to do this. There’s nothing like girls night out!

  3. Jenni Catron says:

    Aaaahhhh girl’s nights! Nothing like them!

  4. Vicki Atkinsonl says:

    Finally I figured how to leave a comment! So forgive if in wrong spot!
    Remember that old convertible you girls use to ride around in???
    I’m sure Smoots filled you all in on me.
    God is good, forgiving and merciful!
    Loving being an Appalachian Missionary in Eastern KY.
    Would really like to talk with,email and get together next time.
    The picture is so awesome!
    Oh what memories-rememer purins cat chow chow chow!!!
    And The Queen of England wave!!! Oh last but not least Carol Burrnett nites!!!
    I have a picture of the four of you, I believe Christmas 1983-I cherish it and smile very time I look at it!!!

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