Retreat: Pumped Up and Tired Out

Posted: May 30, 2008 in Uncategorized

Just a quick post.  I am back.  And WOW.   What another great time at Deer Run Retreat.  If you haven’t been, but looking for a place to take a work team as a “getaway” or place to brainstorm and plan, THIS is where you need to go,  We stayed in the lodge and it was nothing short of perfect.

I’ve been there a couple of times.  It is Christian-owned and probably one of the best run retreat centers I know.

By the time we left today, the team I lead was well on its way to making plans for as far out as 2015!   I just love them all so much.   As I always say to them, “I am only as good as those who surround me around the business and ministry table”.  They are all so innovative – and FUN as much as anything!

I am emotionally, mentally and physically pooped – mostly because we shared so much of our intimate selves through the time together.   Great unity was built.  And that unity took us to some great places this morning in looking ahead to future plans.

I praise God for this time.  May He now direct and guide every move as we seek to do His will through the coming months and years!

Now, let’s have a great weekend – and may God come pouring into the work of the UC Saturday and Sunday!



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