A travelin’ I will go

Posted: June 2, 2008 in Uncategorized

It’s been a quiet spring with only a couple of major business trips so far.  Here lately, work has involved a lot of budgeting and strategic planning.  But things, they are a changing …

Now, as summer kicks off, so does my work travel schedule with Indianapolis, Atlanta and Orlando on the near horizon.   Plus, a possible trip to one of our conference centers if I can squeeze it in.   All of that in the next 7 weeks, plus a week of vacation SOMEWHERE!  I haven’t thought about it too much, as I can easily allow it to overwhelm me.

I like going places. It is especially fun when I’m with a bunch of the folks from my office.   My next three trips are not by myself, but with several of my office favorites.  That makes going away so much nicer.

But I like the trips to be shorter than longer.  I’m not much on being away from the fam longer than a few days.  Not that they cannot survive without me.  They seem to do quite well when I’m away.  But, I seem to be more and more of a home body with every year that passes.  That’s just selfish me speaking.

I’ve also learned not to think about my upcoming travels too much in advance.  That is, after many years of coming and going, I take the trips as they come.   Anytime I find myself looking too far into the calendar, I  get burdened, then bummed.

So, as my next trip gets closer, I am giving it minimal thought.  I’ll pack the night before (I used to pack days and days in advance).   I will travel light – especially when we begin paying that fee for checking your first bag at the airport.   I’ll be “carrying on” all the time – I don’t care if I’m gone for two weeks!

For now, that’s about all the thought I’m gonna give this travel subject.  It’s after 10p and time for my favorite mindless TV on DVR before getting my new goal of SEVEN hours of sleep.  I like that number.  Seems like an appropriate goal for sleeping, after only getting about 5 hours a night for the past couple of months.

‘Nite ya’ll.

  1. beef says:

    I’m telling you: sleep is the best. Take lots of pics on your trips!

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