My husband said it all

Posted: June 5, 2008 in Uncategorized

Wow, and he showed some photos that almost embarrassed me.  But okay … I will link to his blog

So if you click here you can see some fun photos of Joe and me when we first got together over two decades agol

It’s been quite a journey – these 21 years – walking through many valleys and experiencing many mountaintops together.   We realize now that every single event, every single heartbreak, every single celebration has prepared us for where we are today – and that is to reach out to other couples who cross our paths.

Marriage is not an event.  It truly is a journey.  And I wouldn’t trade anything for our travels as a couple.   God has truly blessed.


  1. beef says:

    He’s right; you do look prettier than ever. I had a bad perm for years. Happy Anniversary! (Wink Martindale?!)

  2. pturner63 says:

    Well Congratulations. Sondra and I celebrated 23 last month. Old gray haired guys running around with these hot wives is called grace. Tell Joe that I find myself in the very same boat. God is good and does not give me what I deserve. Congrats to you both. Very cool.

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