Quick post, but I love you all the same!

Posted: June 10, 2008 in Uncategorized

I am tucked away between thunderstorms in Indianapolis, as I work my scheuduled booth shifts as part of my work for LifeWay.

I haven’t posted as much as I would’ve liked – but I love you just as much.  I’m hoping to have a grasp on my schedule in the next 48 hours and will let you know how that works out for me. LOL.

Meanwhile, it’s been busy couple of days.  That’s included a flight cancellation, going to the airport twice to finally get out of town, and a work schedule here in Indy that has me barely knowing whether I’m coming or going.

Yesterday was a kick when I was able to meet some of my “blog readers” IN PERSON!   I recognized them from profiles and photos.  Wow ya’ll, this internet thing is insane how it is bringing like-minded together from across this land.  I enjoyed that time together!  And thanks for dropping by!

Today included a lunch with author of Five Love Languages, Gary Chapman.  He’s the real deal.  Makes me laugh.  And has a handle on the “tough road” it can be to serve in ministry.   His wife gave us a laugh or two today, too.

The real fun is coming late tonight when a group of us are getting to see a preview showing of the movie “Fireproof“.   Check it out.   It’s created by the same church (Sherwood Baptist) that was behind “Facing the Giants” a couple of years ago.   Kirk Cameron plays the lead role in Fireproof.

I am encouraged by the early screening results in Birmingham and St. Louis.  Provident Films people are here and dropped by to give us each a promo ticket today while we were working the floor. 

So my plans to hit the hay early tonight are officially out the window. 

Sherwood Pictures is tackling a tough subject on this one.  But at a time when all the artillery of hell is pointed at the home, I give Sherwood Baptist great credit for leading out to share hope for families everywhere.  Check out, also, the new single from Casting Crowns called “Slow Fade” – part of the music track for the film!  I’m headed to a 9:15pm showing of this movie.  I’ll kick back some popcorn and watch God work through the wonderful ministry from Sherwood!

About the movie release:  Fireproof releases in limited theatre showings beginning September 26.  Please. place it on your calendar now, and plan to support opening weekend of the film.   It will be important for the rest of the country to see moviegoers support this film at the very beginning of its release – giving it the extra boost it will need to release in theatres nationwide.



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