ATL Recap

Posted: June 29, 2008 in Uncategorized

Here are just a few pix from LifeWay’s Deeper Still Conference in ATL…

Julie Ellis and I had a great time – you’ll note that I have her working! Bless her heart, she unloaded boxes, organized promotional materials and helped distribute our free devotionals. She was extremely helpful as we worked to reach out to literally thousands this weekend.

I know we all look pooped in the photos. Part of our work included staying up until after 1am Saturday morning, loading files to 300 promotional “flash drives”. That’s a cool post for another day (unless you want to read about it now, then you can check out the absolute coolest project I’ve been part of in a long time – click here.)

Meanwhile, also featured here my pal and marketing gal Kris. Our voices were shot after almost non-stop chatter to women for nearly 14 hours in the arena. Also working with us up on the concourse, were Dawn and Christa. We were passing each other coming and going. That’s Dawn in the background of the booth photo below, doing an interview with the new “flip video” camera we are using to shoot short promotional clips on-site for our women’s website and blog.

Last, but certainly not least, note the women sitting on the floor outside the doors at 12:30pm Friday afternoon – 5 1/2 hours before the doors opened to the arena. INSANE! Only one thing was more exciting than watching the 19,000+ file into the arena – and that was watching them leave the arena Saturday evening FULL of a fresh Word from God!! Whoa – did those ladies have a great time or WHAT!!!

I’ll link to a full recap with event photos from the event on Monday. If you want to read more about it now, go to the women’s blog right here and read about it. There are some terrific photos there taken by my pals Melanie and Sophie!

Deeper Still ATL

  1. jdellis says:

    Man, my wife is hot!!!

    Pam, she had such a great time with you and your gang. As I said before, she only had wonderful things to say about your team. I’m certain she’d do it again if she had the chance.

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