Remembering Pat

Posted: July 3, 2008 in Uncategorized
We celebrate your life!

We celebrate your life!

Last night, heaven welcomed a very special woman named Pat. She loved the Lord more than life itself.

At age 53, that evil demon cancer scooped in and attacked her brain. But I can tell you this … Pat lived every day to its fullest!

It was just too soon … just too soon…

I first met Pat in 2004 when my daughter graduated college. She and her husband drove two hours across the state to see my daughter graduate from college. Little did I know at that time that we were going to become family.

Pat is Andrew’s mom. Steph and Andrew had dated around a year at the time we first met. Two years following that first meeting, we got word that Pat had been diagnosed with a stage 4 tumor. Wow – what a fighter she was. The tumor was removed immediately and she was up and walking around, talking to everyone the night of the surgery. With that, she began chemo and radiation, fighting a mighty battle.

A few months after her diagnosis, our wonderful children announced their engagement and wedding planning began. Some nine months later, last fall, our kids were joined as one in a wonderful private ceremony at the ocean. Pat and husband Paul were there.

In the family photo here, that is beautiful Pat standing next to the handsome groom immediately following the ceremony!

At the time of the wedding, which included several days on the coast, Pat would become tired – but boy oh boy, she managed to hang in there with everyone, including a house full of young adult groomsmen and bridesmaids. This included dinners out, rehearsal, cookout, shopping — and of course, the wedding!

WOW, what a great time we all had together – a memory etched in my heart and mind forever.

Since that time, the fight against that ugly cancer continued to get harder. Seven months later now, she has gone home. She’s at a place, eternally, that we all long to be – a place so much better than here. But she sure will be missed by so many. She was a dedicated wife, wonderful mom to Andrew and Sarah, and an incredible servant at her church, once the women’s ministry director at her church!

When I got word that she passed, I imagined how wonderful it must have been to see Jesus face to face. I wondered what she might have said or what Jesus may have said to her. It reminded me of that song “I Can Only Imagine”. That song became so real to me at that moment.

So, in the midst of holiday celebrations, time away from the office, time away from emails and scheduled meetings, we’ll be making plans to join Steph and Andrew for a very special service this weekend to celebrate Pat’s time on this earth.

Thank you for remembering our family at this time. I already know the healing has begun as many of you have been praying for Pat, her immediate family, Steph, Andrew and for us in these past weeks.

Now, let’s celebrate this wonderful wife, mom, friend and servant!

  1. imgladyouasked says:

    Praying for your whole family.

  2. Andy Depuy says:

    Praying for everyone , if there is anything I can do let me know

  3. beef says:

    I am just so sorry.

  4. pcase says:

    As a matter of update, I had not idea this was planned, but “I Can Only Imagine” was part of the music lineup at the service for Pat on Sunday. I thought back about this original post here on my blog and thought “cool, Pat, you must have known what I wrote”. I loved that!
    And we loved her very much!

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