What’s normal around our house

Posted: July 7, 2008 in Uncategorized

I’m not even sure what “normal” is.  But, I thought I’d give it a shot and attempt to list a few things that are normal around the Case household.  

It’s kind of like “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.    What may be wacky to you might be totally normal at our place.  Here are a few examples …

  • We could be a breeding center for the Nashville Zoo, two chihuahuas, a chocolate lab and a Himalayan cat … that is, if the Nashville Zoo opted to feature a “house pet exhibit”.
  • We love our pets, but the barking from our neighbor’s dogs can make us crazy. Seems I never hear them until it’s time for a little peace and quiet around 10pm.  
  • Fun mindless TV viewing includes The Office as well as DVR reruns of Seinfeld, Spin City, Frasier and Everybody Loves Raymond.  Oh, and LOVE the old black & white Andy Griffith shows from the 1960’s.
  • We are never EVER in bed before 11:30 pm.  NEVER.
  • We never EVER sleep in.   (Okay, that’s a lie.  But it is rare.) Our body clocks simply won’t let us.
  • We use lots of hair product, and I mean WE.   Spray gel, firming spray, thermal creams, curling mousse, ion hair dryer and Chi flatiron.  We are a regular one-stop shop for all things hair. Personally, I am a Paul Mitchell product freak.  (Most recently, I colored my daughter’s hair and did a fine job, if I do say so myself!)  And yes, it is my secret desire to become a hair stylist, which should come as no surprise to my west Tennessee gal pal, Tracey!
  • We love to camp out … in our family room.   That’s what we call watching TV until we fall asleep and don’t bother making it to our bed.  More times than not, we’ll fall asleep right in the middle of a movie or during one of our DVR faves.   We might wake at 2 or 3am and simply decide to wrap up in a blanket and “camp out”.  It would simply be too much trouble and a waste of good energy to get up and walk to the bedroom.
  • We keep Steve Jobs in business.  Seriously, we are all things Apple from iPhone to iBook, plus a couple of powerbooks.  From MAC Rumor Twitters to Apple store e-blasts, we don’t miss a beat when it comes to software updates and hardware new releases.   Note:  This week, Friday July 11 at 8am, the new iPhone releases.   (You’ll see Joe in line with his pastor buddy David, with coffee and Krispy Kremes in hand.)
  • Oh, and that brings up another Case favorite.  We LOVE a dozen warm Krispy Kreme donuts with two hot coffees.  And yes, we’ve been known to drive to the downtown KK in the dead of night, praying all the way that the “hot light” was on.  (It’s an illness, we know.)
  • We pay someone to mow our yard.  We once owned a lawn mower.  Sold it.  Bought another one. Gave it away.  Bought another one.  Returned it to Home Depot.  We’re done.  But NO one can eat a weed like Joe.  He has one of those gas-powered macho weed-eaters that can slice through a steel beam.  So, when our trim is looking a bit shabby, my man will crank up his fancy-schmancy weed whacker.  THAT gives me goose bumps all over.
  • And a little something extra about me … I am a klutz. Not on purpose, but naturally. At home, and ESPECIALLY in public, I am nothing less than an accident waiting to happen. Just ask the folks at a Nashville-area Starbucks where I recently managed to totally miss a “Wet Floor” sign after ordering my venti latte.  The crash on the floor was me, performing a full body slam on myself in the hall outside the ladies restroom.   And I’ve still got a tennis-sized knot on my knee to prove it. 

While these little tidbits may have not been the most interesting, I can certainly testify they are true.

Now, what is “normal” around your house?

  1. beef says:

    Gosh, we hire someone to mow, and I’m completely bumping into things all the time, cutting myself in the kitchen, etc. And you guys have to start going to MacWorld with us! I’ll send you the story of the time I met Jerry Seinfeld. But I need 8 hours of sleep! We cannot sleep late, either, up at 5 (maybe 6 on vacation!). Then we drink lattes (Pat got a machine at home). We love watching movies more than anything. Our hair is less than professionally styled, however. Maybe you could work on mine when you visit Chels. xoxo

  2. Tracey says:

    Ya know, Pamela: NORMAL is soOOooOoOoO over-rated.
    Truly, it is.

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