Orlando and other stuff

Posted: July 9, 2008 in Uncategorized

Next business trip?  Orlando.  Just a quickie.  It’s a training trip of sorts, a presentation in front of our International Publishing Distributors…

It’s a big ‘ol deal when they are our key to getting our ministry resources, literally, around the world.   I am looking forward to meeting all of them.   I cannot wait to tell them the story of our womens ministry work and our international plans with some terrific Bible teachers!  Dang, it’s exciting.

Meanwhile, I have about 10 million other things going – mostly personal stuff.

On a real personal note, thanks for your prayers this past week as we celebrated the life of my daughter’s mother-in-law.   There were two terrific celebrations of her life in two different parts of the state.

I was blown away by the wonderful people who came by Sunday afternoon to the service in western KY.   What fun it was to hear of their love for Pat and how she had touched their lives.

Steph’s father-in-law is doing terrific.   I joined the family for a barbeque after the service (that’s what ya do ’round these parts – you throw down some major food after a funeral!)  We had a ball, sitting outside by the family pool, just relaxing after what I know was a very stressful and tiring week for all of them.

Now, back to today.  Daughter Chelsea spent the day on the campus where she’ll be in college in about 7 weeks.  She and her roommate decided to spend a long day there, applying for some part-time work, checking out the campus again and getting used to where everything is around campus.

I got a couple of phone calls during the day and Chels couldn’t be more excited!    I can tell she’s gonna fit in just fine and I’m really getting stoked about what is in store for her as she steps out into this new life.  College life is so different.  There will be some adjustment.  But, it’s all good – ’cause God is in it.

Joe is busy working on service plans for not just this weekend, but well into the fall.   I’m excited about some series that are coming up.  And there’s some new classes that are starting up that have me pretty fired up.   Oh, the next few months are going to be packed full – so what’s new?!!!!

That’s it for now – I’m gettin’ a little hungry and I’m thinkin’ we may squeeze in a “date night” before I wrap up my packing for the trip.

And who’s coming in the door right now?  My college-bound kiddo!!  I’m sure she has great stories to tell about campus today.  And it looks like she must have bought the bookstore out on t-shirts and hoodies.   Let the games begin …

  1. Stacy says:

    Have a safe trip!! And say hi to Orlando for me…lol! We will be down there next week for our vacation and I can’t wait!! I am counting the days.

  2. Oh, right there with you, Pam. Kylie, my oldest, is busy trying to get all her ducks in a row for her August 17 start date!

    Sorry I haven’t been around commenting lately…on vacation things just go to pot. Have a nice time in steamy Orlando. It’s still one of my favorite towns to visit. Starbucks are few and far between, though. I’m your source if you need directions! Just email me…I’ll help a fellow addict out.

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