Now I am a threat to the rest of the world

Posted: July 10, 2008 in Uncategorized

Okay, I’ve just had the best time.  I am dead-dog tired, as they say where I come from, but I just gotta lift up a latenight story about some new peeps …

My job this week has me in Orlando, meeting with an international team of people representing many, many places around this ‘ol world of ours.  Like Singapore, Nigeria, Canada, China … just to name a few.

Dang, these people are fun.   Tonight, we all went bowling.  That’s right.  Bowling.  Many of them had never EVER touched a bowling ball.  And I just cannot believe how good many of them were first time out!

(Don’t get me started on how pathetic my American self was!)  Those here in the ‘ol USofA who have seen me bowl, keep your trap shut.

But my new friends Marj, Edith, Koos, Stephen, Sylvester, Ivan – just to name a few – had a ball laughing at my “grace and form” at the bowling alley.  Not to mention my work pals Ann, Alan and Louis.  They’ll never let me live this down.

And this wasn’t one of those new posh “black light” bowling alleys like we have back home.  This was one of those bowling lanes like I recall from the ’60’s when I used to go with my parents on smoke-filled “league nights”!   The country music was blaring and … well, and it was a typical oldstyle bowling alley.

But imagine a group of 18 people – maybe six of us American types in the group – everyone else representing the other corners of the earth.  Hilarious.  Absolutely hilarious.

Now, after embarassing myself to no end, I have the distinct pleasure of presenting in front of them in the morning.   I’m not sure I’ll be able to get through it without busting out laughing… or tucking tail and easing out when no one is looking. But the good news is – we have built relationships.  These relationships will help us build next steps in ministry and I’m pumped about that!

And my world became a WHOLE lot smaller today!

  1. Stacy says:

    Being that I am from Orlando, I am wondering where the heck you went bowling???

  2. beef says:

    makes me homesick for Marj. i always have “beginner’s luck” at bowling: score best the first game, then it goes progressively down hill. Till 10 years later when I try again.

  3. pcase says:

    Marla – all I can tell you is that I was about a 5 minute shuttle ride from the MCO airport area. I know we passed the road to Sea World. But the bowling alley could’ve used a good renovation – yet as I left, I appreciated it’s “quaint” state.

  4. Marg Winger says:

    Pam: What an awesome joy to meet you We had so much fun bowling or throwing the ball down the lane or whatever!! YOur presentation was great yesterday. I am now home in Canada, ready to jump into weekend activies!!! Looking forward to hearing from you!

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