How we roll on a Sunday

Posted: July 27, 2008 in Uncategorized

It takes most of Sunday afternoons to recover from Sunday mornings.  Every person who serves in ministry … especially in the pastor’s house … knows what I’m referring to.

After all the prep, the meetings, the additions, the deletions, the last minute changes – plus a few unknowns – that makes up the formula for what makes a Sunday morning.   And you better leave a great big place in that formula for God to show up, come on!

Whew!  He did His thing today at the UC!   Our day included God bringing some new families to our church who are sold out and leaping into the ministry with vigor!  Wahoo!   So, we walked away from the YMCA full of what God had served up in our hearts.  Then, after church, time to fill up the tummy.   

Today, we popped across the street for the best grilled cheese sandwiches in town.  We felt quite honored that our “soon to be college freshman” took time out of her INSANE schedule to join our group.   Dang.  She is the busiest person I know.  Glad she opted to spend some time today with the “rents”.

By 2pm, somebody find me a sofa and turn the ceiling fan on high.  We fall out hard.   Based on the ministry blogs and church staffers I follow on Twitter, I believe this Sunday afternoon nap thing is standard operating procedure. 

Frankly, for those out there going back in for a 6pm service?   I do not … I repeat … do not know how you do it!  Whew, we are usually just to pooped to pop by 6p.  (Don’t you know God would give us just what we need on that day we began 6pm services?)

Our Sunday nights are low key, most evenings.  Tonight, we’re spending some time with friends, but don’t plan on a late stay.  

Sunday nights mean Monday morning is just a few hours away, and it sure comes flyin’ in there at light speed.   My weekdays drive me hard, while Joe starts the message process all over again.   And this week is going to be espescially busy with our move into space where we will house our church office.   We could not be more excited about God’s timing on this!  I’m ready to have that little corner of my house back.   The church staff needed a place to “do their thing”.   So, it’s a win-win.

Goodnight ya’ll.  Enjoy what’s left of the weekend.   If you feel like a comment, I’d be interested to know how YOU roll on a Sunday!


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