The good-byes begin

Posted: August 12, 2008 in Uncategorized

Well, I just got the first phone call.   You know the one …

The one where your college-bound daughter has just said good-bye to one of her best friends in all the world.    Here they are, immediately following their high school graduation this year.

BFFs since 1st grade!
BFFs since 1st grade!

These two gals have been inseparable since the very first year in school.   The were in Mrs. Lee’s 1st grade class.   I believe their relationship began when Rebecca threw something at Chels and she caught it from across the room … or maybe Chels threw something first.

I really don’t recall all the details.   But after 12 years, these two have never missed a beat.  I am not sure I ever recall them disagreeing on anything.   
This year, they take on new lives in different parts of the state.   Rebecca leaves in the morning for the University of Tennessee.   (And yes, I know my daughter plans to burn a trail up and down the road to visit her!)
But a few moments ago, I got “the call” from Chels.  Yes, I could “hear the tears”.    Neither one sure when they’d lay eyes on each other … at least for a few weeks.   It was hard to hear Chels say “I just said good-bye to Rebecca and it was so hard …”.   I just boo-hooed at my desk.
And so, it begins.   The beginning of good-byes that will take place over the next 10 days.   Good-byes to best friends.  Good-byes to mom and dad.  Good-byes to what has “always been”.
And a great big HELLO to what God has in store for tomorrow!
  1. mark edwards says:

    Hey Pam,
    mark and tammy edwards here in old hickory. was doing some surfing and found you guys. how in the world are yall?
    its been too long since we all met in Yours and Joes class at 2 rivers years ago. we are doing well and discerning if God is calling us to ministry. lots has happened in our last 5 years. i have died and come bace 3 or 4 times, had a conversation with God and a renewed and revived faith.
    Look forward to hearing from you guys.

    mark and tammy edwards

  2. Heidi says:

    My daughter is entering the 12 th grade in a few weeks, is this what I am looking forward too? All I know is my daughter wants to go to Africa on a missions trip for a year. I’m already having problems with that. Ha!!! All her friends are moving out of state… ugh..

    Great blog!!! I’ll be back!!

  3. pcase says:

    Oh, Heidi – enjoy her senior year! Every moment was a memory. Every single one of them. It was a perfect year and totally prepared us for “the end of high school”. Chelsea was so ready to graduate … but she had a ball getting there. College prep has been equally as exciting. As sad as I will be that she won’t be here at home, I am SO pumped about her experiences. I wouldn’t trade college for anything! And I know she is ready. Enjoy – it is absolutely the best, watching your kids grow up!

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