Just us

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Just us

Just us

Well, here we are.  Just us.  Joe and me.


We moved our youngest into the dorm at the end of last week.  Oh, I felt so many mixed emotions.  

And truthfully, and respectfully, until you’ve shared that complete list of “firsts” with your children … like first birthdays, first day of school, first bad test grade, first boyfriend, first prom, first break-up, first car, homecoming, senior prom, graduation, etc … it is hard to verbally describe the real emotion that fills a parent when it is time to “let go” and truly “let God”.

Friday, we did that “officially”.   We took our time during the day.  We slept in.  We loaded the cars until we could load no more.   We hit the road with Starbucks in hand.

Then came the unloading at the dorm.

(A commercial break to thank the wonderful church ministry that provided college student muscle to help us unload!!  It was insane.  We dropped off all of Chelsea’s stuff on the sidewalk outside the dorm.  Next thing we knew, about seven college students picked it all up.  I only had to grab one box.  We carried it all in within minutes!!)

Chelsea’s roommate arrived about the same time.  We hung out with the parents, watching the craziness of checking in hundreds of students.  The school had a wonderful process in place for checking in.  In fact, that process was complete in about 15 minutes.  I truly couldn’t believe it.

We took Chelsea to Kroger for some food shopping … you know, to get some in-room grub to get her by in between meals.  About $90 later, we walked out with a load of groceries.

Joe and I hung out for a while in her dorm, helping her unload and fix up a few things.  Of course, Joe wouldn’t leave until he knew 100% for sure that her TV and computer were set up.   By 6pm, we were walking out the door, escorted by Chelsea for a final good-bye.  Dang, that was tough.  She kissed us and ran back up the steps to the dorm.  When she turned to wave, Joe and I officially stepped into “just us”.

Today, i am extremely thankful that we have focused on “just us” for many years.  Even in the midst of church commitment, crazy jobs and school activity schedules, we always made time for us.   As we drove off campus Friday, I was reminded that “just us” is totally okay with me.  While I love my kids with all my heart, I knew it was time to look at my partner for life and begin creating some fun, new memories.

So, here is where we are today.  

We’ve talked about a lot of things.   We’ve made so many mistakes in the past.  That makes us both determined to follow God’s guidance in what He would have for us in this next season.  A lot of our time this weekend was talking about next steps.  About the possibilities. And we are realizing we truly have some major decisions to make in the coming months.  Truthfully, I am excited about all of them.

So here we go.  

But for tonight?  “Just us” will enjoy some dinner in a little while.  We’ll feed and walk our “zoo” animals and share some good conversation.  We’ll talk about our plans for tomorrow.   Sometime before our heads hit the pillow, we’ll look for a “goodnight text message’ from Chelsea.  That “sign” is our agreed-upon plan to always know that she has arrived safely and is in the dorm for the night.  I’ll look forward to those “goodnight” texts in the evenings.

AND GUESS WHAT?   In five days, its a holiday weekend, and BOTH of my girls plan on coming home!  My married daughter and college daughter home together on the same weekend! 

So about the time I get used to “just us”, our house will be full again!!  Praise the Lord.

  1. Joe Case says:

    Well, all I have to say is the “empty nest” has been pretty darn fun!!! 🙂 Is that TMI??
    I will truly miss our baby girl…but I’ve still got my woman!

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