Huge Day at the UC

Posted: August 31, 2008 in Uncategorized

Sometimes I just don’t think we dream big enough.   That was somewhat of an LOL – ’cause most who know us KNOW that we dream way bigger than we are.  Always…

But who knew, by the end of our UC service today, that we’d have an additional 30+ people volunteer for various places of service within the UC?  Who knew we’d have salvation in the house for a second week in a row?  Who knew that God would bless through greater financial giving and beyond?  Who knew? 

God knew!

Today’s message was one of the stongest I’d ever heard our pastor share.  He was compassionate, yet firm.  He let us all know that we were at a critical crossroads and he didn’t mess around.  You could’ve heard a pin drop at some points during the message.  Other times, the crowd would break out in spontaneious applause.

God sure did do His thing today – and just in the nick of time.

Oh, and speaking of Nick – our fab praise & worship leader Nick Diamond had been on the road for a couple of weeks with the Dirt Drifters.  (oh yeah, that Warner Bros. band is doing well)  And while our Nick was not even scheduled to be on platform today, he called today’s P&W leader Craig Carter at 9:30am and said “I just rolled into town, but I’ll be there – you just lead on – I’ll back you up on bass!”   So Nick, after an overnight bus trip back to the Music City, provided us with an impromptu appearance on bass and helped rock the house! 

It was just an all around great day at the UC.   This week’s leadership meeting will be a blast – in fact, I was so pumped myself about all the sign-ups to volunteer, I whipped out a quick Excel spreadsheet with all the names, contact info, volunteer interest, etc. – all ready to present Tuesday night.  I just couldn’t wait ot see it all on paper!

Carry on, God.  Just keep kickin’ us out of Your way.

  1. Beth Holmes says:

    It’s wonderful to hear how God is using y’all! Keep running the race!

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