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This one’s rare.  We’re tailgating the debate.  That’s right.  We have everything from hot wings to potato skins and more.  That’s what we’ll be tossing back during tonight’s Presidential debate.  Look, I already know which way I’m swinging. 

BUT I just keep an eye to these guys all the time.  It’s what they get into when I’m NOT lookin’ that concerns me.

Heard a rumor that we’re going to have a “hotel guest” tonight.  Literally, at home for maybe 8 hours.  Our daughter is here for the high school homecoming.  Her college roomie was last year’s HC queen at the high school, so she had to be back here to do the “crowining” of this year’s selection.   So, of course, that gives our gal a chance to be home, too (less than 24 hrs) to see the boyfriend, then head back for an all-day sorority function tomorrow.  Dang, what a life.

So, here I am.  Home on a Friday night, and I’m kinda likin’ it. G’night ya’ll.


Yup yup, I’m still breathing

Posted: September 25, 2008 in Uncategorized

Wow what a busy week.  Seven days.  Yup. That’s how long it has been since my last post.

I am not even sure where to start …


Tonight, is the big kickoff.

Don’t miss the beginning of No Other Gods: Confronting Our Modern Day Idols – written by bible study teacher/worship leader Kelly Minter.   I’ll be moderating the discussions.

Kelly is leading worship these days at Rolling Hills Community Church that meets down in Franklin, TN at the Thoroughbred Cinemas.  She is one talented gal and one of my favorite people in the whole world!  (Thanks Kelly for all you do for women’s ministry and beyond!)

There is a fun blogsite that goes along with No Other Gods, click here to check it out.  If you’re in our UC Bible Study, you will really enjoy participating on this site as we go along!

Can’t wait for tonight – join us and become a NOG !!!

Just gotta say

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I am SO proud of this blogsite.  Check it out when you can – ladies you will especially find it interesting.   I love our office workteam.

Latest from our college gal

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It’s official, Chels is officially a sorority gal – she received her bid last night.

Like sister, like sister, of course.  Big sis was a KD when she was in college – relationships built back then that continue to carry on today.

So, it’s rubbed off on ‘lil sister.  Chels is having a ball meeting new girl friends almost by the second.  Oh, and as for her studies?  She hasn’t missed a class and seems to have a terrific grasp on it all!

There’s a rumor she may be home this weekend – here’s hopin’ she’ll be headed this way!!   We love you, Chels!

Stressfree Saturday

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This is what I am proclaiming for Joe and me today:   STRESSFREE SATURDAY

We have been working toward this one all week.  I wasn’t quite sure we were going to make it, ’cause DANG it has been a very insane time…


A video glimpse into my workday

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Who would ever want to listen to me talk about anything for 20 minutes?  Not many, probably…