Lost in Space, Danger Danger

Posted: September 8, 2008 in Uncategorized

Okay, I am about to show my age …

There was a TV show years ago. It was called Lost in Space.  And yes, it was in black & white.  While I don’t recall all the details of the show, I recall it was based on a futuristic family named “The Robinsons”.  They were literally “lost in space”.  

I recall a robot who played the ‘best friend” to young Will Robinson – the boy who spent most of the show exploring the wilderness upon the planets where their spaceship would land.   When Will would be on the verge of getting in trouble, or if something seemingly unsafe was lurking around the corner, the robot would swing his arms around and say “Danger, Will Robinson, Danger, Danger…”.

Oh, how I’ve recently wished for that type of early warning system in my own life… especially related to my work.

I’ve had a killer seven days.  Maybe that explains why I haven’t written one single post since this time last week.   Every corner I’ve turned for a week has had to do with a major league deadline.  Of course, that’s the way you roll when working for a publisher.  “Danger, danger …”

Today, I told someone that “every hour was a discovery” and that has been no stretched truth.  And every time I’ve come near one of those corners, I could almost hear Will Robinson’s robotic friend yelling for me to take cover!

Deadlines and publishing go hand in hand.  We live our lives around electronic versions of spreadsheets that lay out schedules, literally, years in advance.  Then, there are those layers of production deadlines that have to work in perfect sync so that a finished product can land in the hands of our customers right on time.  “Danger, danger …”

Well, this week is a major league week for the team who surrounds me.   Many a man and woman are pushing and pulling in every direction to finish a big time release with big time expectations.  While, I watch it all from a 30,000-foot view, I keep prodding from behind the scenes – making sure all the pieces are in place to keep us on schedule.  I’m such a pain and I know it.  

“Danger, danger …”

I will be so glad when next week rolls around.  I will no longer be asking “how are we on this?  how are we on that?  how did those final pages turn out?  did the video promos make it in the bonus footage? did the disk make it to the buyer?  will there be plenty of paper on stand-by for a quick reprint? what about the digital downloads?  And my questions go on and on.  Now, I’m realizing that many people wish they had a ‘warning, warning’ to protect them from ME!! 

I have pretty much been joking here about my own personal need for “warnings”.  I can usually tell when something unpleasant, or something that needs my immediate attention, is lurking.  But truthfully, I really do crave that nudge … that Holy Spirit pull … that helps to warn me when my life is not in balance.

I have such a desire to keep God poised at the top of my list of priorities, quickly followed by my relationship with my hubby then my children.  My ministry work at church lines right up with those priorities too… and then there are other things that I consider priority behind that.  It’s quite the list.

How do you keep your life balanced?  What does your “early warning signal” look like?  Anything like Will’s robot friend in the old “Lost in Space”??

  1. Tracey says:

    How do I keep MY life balanced? What does MY early warning signal look like??????????????/

    Look here, girlie! I’m practically hyperventilating just reading about this particular week in YOUR life. So, I guess early warning signs for ME over here in my own little corner of the world, would be someone finding me balled up in the fetal position in a dark corner, rocking back and forth, humming softly to myself. I guess that’d be my “Warning Will Robinson” alert to the world. I can’t even read YOURS without having heart palpatations!

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