Fly by

Posted: September 11, 2008 in Uncategorized

This is a fly by.  

As I’ve mentioned in a couple of recent posts, this has been one VERY busy fall…

I have done a lot of “fly by” appearances this week.   I don’t think I’ve REALLY sat down much at all.    Work has been crazy.  Life at home is about as nuts.

It seems everything around me needs some sort of gentle touch from me.  Okay … and some of my touches have not been so gentle.    I told someone the other day that I sometimes feel like a bird flying overhead, occasionally dropping “poo poo” on someone’s head, then flying on.   That is so NOT like me at all.   But unfortunately, a bit necessary here of late.

Oh, but the next few days are looking glorious.

First, let me say, that Joe and I are adapting to “empty nesting”.  Yes, it feels weird.  Yes, we miss our daughter.  OH HOW WE MISS HER.   But we are enjoying the freedom of it all.  Every day is a new discovery for us.  This is going to be the beginning of a great new journey.

Secondly, Joe and I are working on a plan.  It’s a BIG plan.  Much of it is confidential in nature, but it is a plan for where we are headed.  You know, those next steps for the major things in our life.  Financial.  Our home.  Our careers.  Church.   All the big stuff.   I am really excited about this focus.   And I love setting goals!

Thirdly, my work.  Oh how I enjoy my life and what I do as my “day job”.  It sure “ain’t” about me, but the team that surrounds me make work loads of fun – all be it VERY challenging, almost by the minute.   God has some awesome things brewing for 2009 and beyond.   I’m hangin’ on and getting out of His way.  Thank you, Lord, for these many “work blessings”.

Heard enough?   These are just a few of what’s top of mind these days.  But this was just supposed to be a “fly by” so I’ll check back in later.

Please pray for me … and for our family … as we enter into what is next.

  1. tracey sims malone says:

    Somehow, Pam, I knew you and Joe would adjust beautifully to being just a couple of cases again! And, yes, I know you certainly miss Chetchums. But, what a fabulous new adventure!!

    P.S. Can you tell I’m back tracking through you blogposts? I’ve been awol for awhile as I struggle through all the new developments in our life. But, anyhoo…I love you bunches, and I’m workin’ hard to catch up on the life and times of pbc.


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