Yup yup, I’m still breathing

Posted: September 25, 2008 in Uncategorized

Wow what a busy week.  Seven days.  Yup. That’s how long it has been since my last post.

I am not even sure where to start …

I love Thursday nights.  Love Thursday night TV.  The Office, Grey’s Anatomy.  Oh, mindless TV rocks.

There’s lots spinning around me.

Busy work week, of course.  I had my performance evaluation today.  Can I just say I have the best boss on this planet?  I guess I just did.   Anyway, we had a terrific discussion and I am blessed to be working with some of the most energetic business and ministry people in the world.  Seriously. They are so dang smart, and there goofy ‘ol me sits in the middle of them all.  I am blessed!

2009 is looking incredibly exciting at my office … but I can barely look past what we have cookin’ right this minute.

I am off work tomorrow.  I say that to say, “tomorrow is my day”.   I’ll spend some time with my wonderful hubby, grab some breakfast or something.  Then I’m going to have a “me” day.   I’m not talking about bustin’ the bank account, but simply just movin’ and shakin’ MY way for a few hours.

Saturday is a very cool wedding.  My hubby is officiating the ceremony for a couple from our church … just love Nathan and Jessi!  We’ve had fun in the counseling sessions.  Now, to the big day.  It’s happening in the woods … sort of.  An outside wedding on a beautiful day (a former weather guy I know is guaranteeing a lovely sky!)

Along the lines of “wedding talk” is a movie that releases this weekend called “Fireproof“.  I’ve already seen it … thru a preview showing in Indy.   But this weekend, the movie starring Kirk Cameron, opens in theatres across the country.  

If you have even one relationship in your life you care about, this movie is a MUST SEE!  Joe’s messages at the UC this month have been based on the film.  We’ve shared several clips.   If you’d like to join several of us on Sunday afternoon during matinee time, we plan to see it then.

In the midst of all of this chatter, I’ve got some “hair therapy” to squeeze in next week.  Come on girlfriends of mine, YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKIN’ ABOUT!!!  Change is good.  I’m goin’ for change.

The month is wrapping up fast – which leads to October.  Leaves changing color.  The perfect time to make a trip to the northeast, so that’s what I’ll do. 

I’ll spend two-three days in New England soon, travelling with my office gal pal Faith.  Cannot wait to literally see a “weekend in New England”. Sure, it’s a work trip.  But Faith and me – we’ve figured out how to weave a little play into the work!  I’ll have lots of photos to share!

Whew – I’m pooped just writing about it.  And I’ve only shared about the next two weeks!  LOL!   So hang on tight, my friends.  It’s gonna be a fun one!

Special shout out to my oldest daughter who is desperately trying to turn me into a UK Wildcat fan!  Thanks for the new T-shirt, sweetheart!  I’m wearing it now as I write!   The t-shirt was part of a gift box I received in the mail from her today.   Oh, how I miss my girls – but SO thankful they are close in my heart!


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