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A little heads up from my office world:  Tomorrow is the big day, the launch of phase one of

Check it out – I don’t believe anyone out there can compare to what our team plans to bring to worship planning!


Tragedies like this one break my heart.  Following a high school football game last Friday night, four teenage girls, cheerlleaders for Scott High School in east Tennessee, died following a horrific car accident.

The tragedy occurred later in the evening, following the school’s football game. The SUV carrying the girls hydroplaned, crossed the median and crashed head-on into a Ford Taurus.  Four people were riding in the Tauras.  One adult passenger died in that car, and a woman who was 33 weeks pregnant, miscarried her unborn child.  Total dead:  six.

It was absolute tragedy. 

I’ve been praying without ceasing for the school, the community and the families who have been affected by the loss this past weekend.

This truly has hit me hard.

You see, when I was in the sixth grade, my 16-year-old next door neighbor, Patty, was killed in a car accident.  It haunts me even today as I recall details of that night. 

It was September 12, my father’s birthday.  My parents were in Nashville having dinner.  While they were gone, another neighbor came to my house and asked our babysitter to come outside to talk.   My little sister and I could look out the window and see that a serious conversation was taking place on the patio.  

Mrs. Coleman, our sitter, came into the house.  She was quiet.  Tears were streaming from her face.  After my sister went to bed, Mrs. Coleman told me what happened to Patty.   You see, she was riding with her boyfriend.  His car hit another car head-on.  Patty died shortly after.  

I was stunned.   I just don’t recall ever understanding what death was, until then.

Oh, and Patty was a cheerleader for our high school.  She was a junior, and so beautiful.  I was a few years younger than Patty.  I loved her because she would often let me sit in her room and talk to her when she’d be getting ready for a date with her boyfriend, or when she prepped for football and basketball games.  Her house was full of life.  Our school colors were blue and white.  She had blue and white everything.  And she had pom poms everywhere!  I so wanted to be like Patty.  Pretty.  Popular.  Fun.  And carefree.

Then it was over.  It took my childhood neighborhood a long time to get past that tragic time. It was just so sad.  And I’m not sure Patty’s mom ever really got over it.   It sure changed Miss Bonnie.  It sure did.

It changed me, too.   Somehow, being popular or pretty or fun and carefree just didn’t make a difference to me anymore.   What I DID realize was life was short.  I needed to make the most of who God made me to be.

I joined the band.  Played the clarinet and flute.  I dived headlong into piano lessons and the marching band.  I wore ugly plastic-rimmed glasses (plastic wasn’t cool back then) until my freshman year in high school.  Being popular wasn’t important to me.  I sought out close friendships.  Thankfully, I am in touch with many of those friends, even today.

Meanwhile, as I reflect on that time some 35+ years ago, I am saddened and my heart aches for the community, school and families affected  now, just a few hours down the road.  I am empathetic.  I know that loss.  I’ve felt it.  

Join me, and ask God to show Himself in a big way to those walking through one of life’s toughest valleys…the loss of someone they love. 

Something else I know, God WILL show up and He WILL comfort and carry in ways that only He can do.  Praise His name!

Silly stuff from our NE travel

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As promised, here’s a little clip of my travel buddies and me as we prepared to join up with our LifeWay Women’s New England Nights tour with Beth Moore and Travis Cottrell.  This is just silly stuff.  But a little fun moment as we started our travel…starring Faith Whatley, Paige Greene and me. Enjoy the goofiness.  And if you care to see another moment, here goes.

The Northeast Team

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LifeWay Women's Events

Here’s a quick photo.  I will write more soon, but I wanted to share the final photo taken from the northeast tour celebration with Beth Moore and Travis Cottrell.   I will name everyone because they are all so special to me:  Rich Kalonick took this photo, he should be IN it!

Betsy Langmade, Melissa Wilson, Amy Cato, Beth Moore, John Kramp, Patricia Murphy, Chris Adams, Paige Greene, Travis Cottrell, Faith Whatley, (me), Darlene Moreland and Selma Wilson.

It was a celebration to remember and everyone laughed a lot and shed some joyful tears as we lifted up our wonderful relationship with Beth and Travis for the last 10 years.   We are famiy. That’s the way it is.  

Eating at Jessop's Tavern in Deleware

Paige, Faith & Pam

More from our trip soon. Truthfully, it will be mostly from the “PartyTime Cruiser”.  That’s what Faith, Paige and I called the PT Cruiser rental car we drove from state to state!  Seven states, actually.  One was accidental. 

I hope I can figure out how to upload my “flip camera” videos.  They are hilarious.

More to come!

Lip Glace from KrisEvery now and then, I throw out something just for the girls.   Thanks to my dear friend Kris who gave me a new lip gloss that I just adore.  It’s from Laura Mercier and called Lip Glace.

It is nothing short of YUM!  Check it out in the color “rose”!  Thanks Kris (and to Renee for her assistance!)

Now here’s a trip I’ve been looking forward to for a while.  In the morning, me and two of my absolute best gal pals from the office head to the northeast… (more…)

Here’s a sweet promotion you MUST check out … my buddy Travis Cottrell just released a new Christmas project, and it is ALREADY #4 on the iTunes most downloaded holiday albums!

Two great work pals, Mike Harland (LifeWay Worship) and Paige Greene (Dir. of LifeWay Women’s Events) are part of the team on the recording!  Wow – a blessing to call you friends.   Way to go, Trav!