Back in the Saddle

Posted: October 5, 2008 in Uncategorized

Yup.  You’re right. You’ve been seeing a few more posts of late.

I gotta be honest.  Up until about 7 days ago, I had just flat run out of time to sit down and write.  And I will tell you one other thing …

I have had no computer at home.  That right.  This techie girl has been WEEKS without a computer at home. 

Truth be told, my beloved hubby accidentally dropped it.  Not on purpose, you see.   He was actually being VERY careful with it.  But as he was carrying it out of the church office, it slipped out of his arms.  It did not fall very far at all – in fact, it just tapped the edge of it.    But it was enough to do the trick.  My five year old 12-inch MAC powerbook bit the dust.

Here’s the God thing:  Joe had taken my computer into his office to “back up” my harddrive.  I am not kidding.  The VERY day Joe backed up my data, my computer crashed.  Literally, just moments after.

So, we are “saving up” for a new one.  Yes, I have my eye on another MAC.  But we won’t buy when we don’t have cash to pay for it.  We have a lot of bill-paying going on these days.  And we buy nothing unless we can pay cash for it.  Praise God.  But that may mean I have to continue to update my blog when I have my work computer at home, or if I can borrow Joe’s computer (which he is using almost 24/7).

All of this to say, “I’m back” online more regularly, based on computer availability.   

COMMERCIAL BREAK FOR MY TEAM:  GO TITANS!  That’s right.  Team is 5-0 and that rocks.  We share our season tickets with Exec. Pastor Jonathan and his wife Julie.  The next game I get to see is when the Titans play the Indy Colts – a televised Monday night football game!  Woohoo – that’ll be fun.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

The UC rocked it out today.  Nick had a full band for the first time in a while and it was SO nice.  God used him and the team to usher some wonderful moments of Holy Spirit time….uh huh… it was some kinda good.   I was working First Impressions part of the time, but I was drawn into worship and just had to leave my post.

And WHOA – God laid a great message on my hubby pastor.  He dealt with the issues and the fear prompted by the recent Wall Street financial crisis and the bailout.  Great message and most encouraging.  I pray those who attended had ears to hear.

And who showed up and surprised us? 

Yep, our baby girl. She drove over from college for a very short visit.  Okay, a free lunch and a free tank of gas, too.   I cooked up some homemade fudge this afternoon to send back with her.   She looked terrific.  It’s funny.  You hear stories of kids going off to college and gaining that “freshman 15” pounds.  Not Chels.  She is taking care of herself, eating well, and working out.   Her friends are big into the fitness thing, so it seems she is keeping trim.   Mid-terms are over for her, too.  We’ll actually have her home for a few days during fall break in about a week.  And I am shocked that she’ll be home for a month – in just 8 weeks for Christmas break.   Where has this semester gone?

Dang.  Did I just utter the word Christmas?  Yes I did.  Oh how I love that time of year – bring it on!!!

I’m about to take my car to a new maintenance man.  Never met him.  His name is Mike and is apparently a whiz at working on cars like mine.  I have done my best to keep maintenance up … but after my warranty ran out at 100K miles, I’ve had to be frugal about the care.  I’ve kept the oil changed and good tires on the car.  But it is desperate for a maintenance check.

So today, I go to meet Mike.  He is a friend of a friend. He works on cars in his spare time. He apparently owns one of those dealership-like computer thingies that will check all the electronics, etc.   Hopefully, his prices are good, too.  ‘Cause like I said, if I can’t pay cash for it, I’m not buying.

I’ll get my car back after work tomorrow if all goes well and she’ll drive like new.  Next steps?  My car will very likely be for sale.  Anyone interested?  Let me know.  It’s all part of a long-term plan we’ve started for (eventual) debt-free living.

Whew – that’s a lot of words.  Too many, probably.  Thanks for hangin’ in there with me today.  But that’s where I am today.  

This week’s gonna be another busy one at my day job.  Tomorrow is the all-day business team meeting – the ones I lead twice a month.  It’s heavy stuff.  And tomorrow is a biggie because we’re dealing with some long-term strategies (2010 and beyond).  Yup, gotta plan ahead.  If you get a chance, I’d appreciate your prayers as our work team begins some very important ministry work.

Now, I’ve done all the talking.  What have YOU been up to since last I posted?

  1. beef says:

    after five years you need an upgrade anyway. can’t believe he dropped it! divine intervention that you got it backed up.

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