The Northeast Team

Posted: October 20, 2008 in Uncategorized

LifeWay Women's Events

Here’s a quick photo.  I will write more soon, but I wanted to share the final photo taken from the northeast tour celebration with Beth Moore and Travis Cottrell.   I will name everyone because they are all so special to me:  Rich Kalonick took this photo, he should be IN it!

Betsy Langmade, Melissa Wilson, Amy Cato, Beth Moore, John Kramp, Patricia Murphy, Chris Adams, Paige Greene, Travis Cottrell, Faith Whatley, (me), Darlene Moreland and Selma Wilson.

It was a celebration to remember and everyone laughed a lot and shed some joyful tears as we lifted up our wonderful relationship with Beth and Travis for the last 10 years.   We are famiy. That’s the way it is.  

Eating at Jessop's Tavern in Deleware

Paige, Faith & Pam

More from our trip soon. Truthfully, it will be mostly from the “PartyTime Cruiser”.  That’s what Faith, Paige and I called the PT Cruiser rental car we drove from state to state!  Seven states, actually.  One was accidental. 

I hope I can figure out how to upload my “flip camera” videos.  They are hilarious.

More to come!


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