Football insanity

Posted: November 8, 2008 in Uncategorized

Saturdays in the fall.  They are about college football plain and simple.

Sundays in the fall (after church, of course) are for NFL – and specifically the TN Titans.

Today was crazy because it was homecoming at my alma mater.  Had to make an appearance there.  Just gotta love the color blue.  It was my high school color.  Again, blue was the main theme for college.  And now, my beloved TN Titans are all about the blue.

Joe and I were out a good part of the day, but made it home in time to see the Alabama/LSU game.  Dang, that was one crazy game.  It turned out best for me, simply because most of the people I come in contact with at work bleed crimson.  It just wouldn’t have been in my best interest if LSU had won.

Now, n just a moment, I must run to find my space in front of the tube.;  Florida is in town taking on Vanderbilt.  The Dores need to pull this one off.   And yes, even in football, I tend to toss up a prayer or two.

So, until next time.   Go big blue.  All of them.


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