Twitter: Real Follow or Not

Posted: November 11, 2008 in Uncategorized

Okay, somebody enlighten me. 

The Twitter world has been insane with new ways to set up your account to follow someone – or not.   Now, I’m hearing and reading that there are these “automatic follows” that are now happening IF you were already following someone.


Let’s say I have been following someone named “Marshmellow Man” on twitter.  Then, out of nowhere, let’s say I get an invitation from “Marshmellow Man” to follow me.  Because I keep my Twitter account private, I can choose yes or no to that request.   What I didn’t realize is that “Marshmellow Man” really didn’t want to follow me anyway.   BUT ….

It appears in this new world order of things, the “follow requests” are happening automatically.  Therefore, it makes you THINK that the whole world wants to follow you, when in reality they don’t.  It is the weirdest thing.  

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the new invitations.  I just want them to be “real” and not some automatically-generated “follow” request.  Any thoughts on this?

That’s why I appreciate the “d” direct messages on Twitter.  I can hear from those who know me or are affiliated in some way.   I know that those come from someone who really cares about my “status”.

It has been a hot topic of discussion in some of my little circles – just wondered if you had experienced it.

  1. I wondered why I got two to Follow Me right after talking to you and Joe that I never heard of before but they followed you. I think it was automatic now that I think about it. They are sweet people though. I am with you. I want to know who truly wants to know what I am doing versus an automatic follower.

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