It is one of those days/months

Posted: December 3, 2008 in Uncategorized

Whew.  I posted something like this today on twitter:  Do you remember ever playing that game where you are blindfolded and friends would spin you around?  Then, they’d make sure you were good and dizzy, then leave you alone to fend for yourself?

Well, imagine that, without the blindfold …My life has been nothing short of a whirlwind in recent weeks.  Much of it due to personal things as much as professional.  

You may have read my hubby’s blog and found out that our church plant ride had some interesting twists and turns here of late.  I love it, because God has been showing up and showing out in every way.  I love how He taken us to some new spaces, but not without its share of emotional ups and downs. That’s ministry.

Meanwhile, I am watching the calendar as the year is quickly coming to an end.  That means many things.

Not the least of which is MY DAUGHTER IS COMING HOME FROM COLLEGE!!  Was that a quick semester or what?

Her classes are done for the first semester – finals wrap up next week.  Nothing left but the heavy duty study.  She was even at the library at 6p tonight.  THAT’S my girl.  It has been a terrific first semester for her.  From a great class schedule, making it through sorority rush and bid day, leading to a long list of “forever friends”. She couldn’t be happier.  Happy to me is having her home for a while.

I’m counting down to Christmas week because it is looking like we will have a house full.   It will definitely be a house full of love with all the family together.

As for the office, the end of the calendar year means we are squeezing as much work as possible into these last few days.  We’ve had state denominational leaders in town since Monday.  They’ll head home the end of the week.  

That will be just in time for me to go home. regroup over the weekend and travel Monday/Tuesday next week.  We’ll be shooting a video project that we lovingly call the Paige and Pam Show, but that is truly NOT what it is.  We’re the hosts of what’s called AllAccess.  It’s a marketing piece that simply promotes upcoming new releases and events.  Since we are shooting another project in Chattanooga next week anyway, Paige and I will tag along and “borrow” the video crew and set to our winter edition of the video that will air online and at our women’s events in 2009.  A hint about this next edition?  There will come a point when we are wearing “cheeseheads”.  I’ll leave it at that.

The following week will bring a quick trip to Dallas (most likely a day trip) to finalize some 2009 plans with one of our wonderful authors.   From there, I believe I’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel known as “vacation”.  And this one will be a nice long two-week escape away from the office to give some total attention to family and friends.   I truly cannot wait for that needed downtime.

‘Cause if your 2009 looks anything like mine, it’s going to come roaring in at light speed.   Keep focused on the stuff that makes a difference (a reminder to me as much as anyone!).  And may God pour His spirit upon you along the way!  I love ya’ll.


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