Big Hair with a Big Purpose

Posted: December 7, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Here’s a photo with a story, a story that goes back a few years.  Okay, more than a few years.  I’m guessing around 12 years. A big THANK YOU to my gal pal, Cathy Bell, for diggin’ this one up.  

Here goes, the “not so abbreviated” truths behind this pic…

TRBC Judgment House

TRBC Judgment House with Pam Case & Bud Wainwright as "Martha & Jim"

I love to act.  Most of you are not surprised.  A few of you remember when it was a part of life. Heck, if you remember, you were probably there!

The photo was taken in the mid-1990’s during a break in between scenes of the popular October walk-through drama at Two Rivers Baptist Church called “Judgment House”.  I was one of the scriptwriters.   And on an occasion or two, I “took the stage”.  Oh, how I enjoyed those days.  

God moved in ways that I can still barely describe in words.  But to say that God used a bunch of rag-tag writers, actors and INSANE numbers of volunteers, would certainly be an understatement.

Judgment House, if you never heard of it, was a Halloween Haunted House “alternative”.   It was a 10-12 scene walk-through drama, held in our student building – affectionately called “Building B” in those days.

Script for the real life drama was written in the summer.  Auditions, REAL auditions, were held in August.  September (many, many nights a week) were dedicated to rehearsals.  Then came October.  

October meant up to 22 nights of live acting.  Beginning at 6pm – ending … well, ending when we were done.  Many times that was as late as 3am.     All of us would go home, sleep a couple of hours.  Go to work, school, wherever we had commitments.   But at 6pm we were back at Two Rivers, ready to do it again.  We were committed.  And committed HARD.  

Truthfully, I have yet to see this type of commitment in most churches today, including our very own.  Commitment takes time.  It takes, well, it takes just that: Commitment. God will bless the efforts.  I can assure you. And He did.

I can remember one year, where literally 13,000 people+ went through.   And somewhere close to 1,200 came to know Jesus.  I kid you not.   The drama always ended up with a “closer scene” where one of the church pastors, Sunday School leaders, etc. would lead in a time of commitment.  My hubby, Joe, worked in this area almost every year.  He saw many come to know the Lord through the seeds sewn in that closing scene.  It’s an amazing memory for us.

Oh, and for that photo above in this post?  I played a woman (Martha) threatening to leave her husband Jim (played by Bud Wainwright).  In the scene, we got into an in-your-face argument that ended with me walking out, slamming the door behind me.  It was very intense and moved me to tears most nights.  It was hard to do, yet one of the most rewarding times of my life.  One night, I can recall us performing that scene upwards of 50 times straight, leaving at 4am, only to return that night at 6p to do it again.  I so miss that ministry .  

And did I mention that most of the actors were students, their parents and other members of the church?!! This particular year lead to our Minister of Students making an appearance on The Phil Donahue Show to defend what Phil was calling “Hell Houses”.  In our minds, it was simply another way – another door – God opened up for us to share what He was doing through us in little ‘ol Music City.  The appearance gained us some interesting “popularity” at the time.  We won’t know until we enter Glory ourselves what God truly did through those years of Judgment House.  

Truth be known? All anyone would have to do is ask, and I’d be right in the middle of it again. Yes, I’d do it all over again. Except for the “hair” part … I think, based on the photo included here, maybe I’d go for a less “volume”!   What do ya think?

  1. Cathy Bell says:

    Amen Sister! Those certainly were some good times – and it was certainly a God-sized project wasn’t it? You had a hand in birthing some of my own creativity… and I probably won’t be able to thank you enough. Love you girl! C

  2. I’ve been to one of these before and watched tears streaming down people’s faces. God did (and is still doing) big things through them.

    I’ve never thought about my big hair having a purpose before but the very thought of it seriously makes me want to go home and re-hot roll my hair today.

  3. pcase says:

    Amy Beth! Oh yeah, and that is what I did today – with a little Chi straightening along the edges! Wish you were close by Tuesday. And again, you blessed me so today with the “surprise”. You da best! God must have a big ‘ol plan in this!

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