See Update: Amy Blessed, She’s So Fab

Posted: December 8, 2008 in Uncategorized
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I know her as AmyBethSoFab…and there’s a lot of ministry going on behind that fab name … Beyond our blogs posts and “tweets”, well, we’ve never met in person.   But tonight, we were one step closer. Both of us have ministry lives.  Hers, deeply imbedded in her as a teenager.  Mine, a lot later.  A LOT later.   But there’s a link within us that is what doing ministry is all about. A few months ago, one twitter led to another and we found each other following each other’s lives with the world of social media. And for an old gal like me, I was stoked that this “so fab” ministry gal working in the eastern part of our state would have ANY interest at all in what I do.

The look of WOW for ABSF!

The look of WOW for ABSF!

How blown away was I tonight?  VERY!  I walked into the hotel where we are staying while working on a video project in Chattanooga, and there was this gift with MY name on it – from none other than my pal AmyBethSoFab!!   That girl just blessed my socks off and I’m not kidding.    And another insane part of the story?  During dinner earlier this evening I had pulled up Amy Beth’s blog on my Blackberry, showing it to some of my work friends, telling them about this “fab” ministry just down the road!  Who knew just moments later that I’d be blessed by the very same gal! Hummmm.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so.

UPDATE:  And only God could work this out.  As it turned out, AmyBethSoFab was able to drive over to Choo Choo City.  And here we are, meeting up for the first time ever.  (Thanks girl for the sweet encouragement today, and a nice conversation about skincare! LOL)   I cannot wait for our next meeting!

We finally meet FOR REAL!

We finally meet FOR REAL!

  1. Oh I am so glad you liked it! 🙂 It was fun to sneak down there and leave it for you… I was so just waiting for you to get it!!!

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