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Okay.  Dangerous to your health may be a stretch.

But …

Sometimes my work pal Paige and are are a little over the top.  We are alike in many ways.  Some say you can only take so much of us when we’re in the same meeting, which happens pretty regularly around our office.  And as you can imagine, we are quite the pair on the road.  Truth is, we really are livim’ the dream.

3 or 4 times a year we record a little promotional project called AllAccess. Here’s the latest edition, taped recently at the fabulous Precept  Ministry studios in Chattanooga (Thanks Kay Arthur for letting us barge in!)  This video will be coming soon to a viral space near you!  You may watch it here.

LifeWay Women AllAccess with Pam & Paige


I have mine, do you?

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MCD is here!!

MCD is here!!


I’ve been waiting for my hardback copy to arrive!!  Yippee!   Here it is.

Congrats to Anne Jackson on its release!

Can’t wait to dig in!  

Check it out.

When do you pray?

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I posed this question on Twitter today.  I thought I’d continue it here. 

Specifically, when and how often do you stop to pray for your pastor? 

Now would be a good time.

Letter to the Obama Girls

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Thanks to my pastor friend Pete Wilson.  He was able to locate the letter left from the Bush daughters to the Obama daughters.  I had heard about this on talk radio, but hadn’t taken time to find it.   Take a couple of minutes and watch.  

Thanks to Barbara and Jenna for keeping it real.

Oh … and you might want to grab a tissue, too.


Happy Birthday UC

Happy Birthday UC

I will let our pastor share the details of this heartfelt day, but I must chime in just a little.   The house was full of past and present UC’ers and it was great to reunite for this special occasion.

Matthew Daniel and wife Chelsea returned to lead worship.  God SO showed up that I wasn’t sure where Matthew went.  I was blessed from head to toe, literally weeping through most of the worship time. 

I must say, God showed Himself all over the place in the days leading into the UpRising Church birthday celebration.  We’ve been so thankful for the encouragement and support of those who love us so much.  It truly has been that encouragement that has kept us going!

Now, it’s time to look ahead.  Heck, we’re just 364 days from celebrating three years!  We had better get started!

Pastor Joe

Pastor Joe

But in all seriousness, it has been our pleasure to serve through this ministry at the UC for the last two years.   

Continue to pray for God’s mighty movement in all that He uses us to do!  I can’t wait for what’s next.

I feel most certain that God is not done with us here!

Ladies, if you’re like me, and you are ALL ABOUT the fun, colorful scarves of this season – it is a MUST to know how to tie them.   I don’t know that I ever do it the same way twice.  What about you?

But for a fun fashion tip, join my dear friend BIG MAMA right here as she shares a video demo on how to tie scarves.   She’s a Texas gal you’re just gonna love!


Join us Sunday at 10am!

Join us Sunday at 10am!

There’s probably nothing bigger going on in our lives right now than this.

UpRising Church will celebrate 2 years in existence this Sunday!  Why is this a big deal?  Well, most new church plants don’t make it past the first 12 months.   God has allowed us the awesome opportunity to survive and thrive as we have faithfully served the Bellevue and surrounding community.

Many have come and gone.  That’s a lot of what is most challenging about church plants.  People will come and check it out – it may or may not be exactly what they are looking for in a church.  You know what I mean.  Everyone has their own vision for what church should be.  Ours may or may not have matched what someone is looking for.  But it has always been our desire to carry out what God laid on the heart of our Pastor, be Scripturally sound and be like Jesus to everyone who crossed our threshold. 

But now after two years, and after learning a WHOLE lot after 10 years in the church planting ministry, we’d like you to consider joining us to celebrate this weekend.  Maybe come back and check us out again – or consider coming the very first time!

Pastor Joe will bring a message from a new series called “You Don’t Have What it Takes” … and you won’t want to miss our praise and worship, led by our original praise and worship leaders, Matthew and Chelsea Daniel.

Let the party, in Jesus’ name, begin!  We’ll see you there!