Catching Up

Posted: March 9, 2009 in Uncategorized

Wow.  It’s been a while.

My disappearance hasn’t been on purpose.  I’ve simply been on a busy, interesting, somewhat annoying, but VERY blessed journey that has left me very little time for correspondence …So as a matter of update, here are a few random thoughts that should get us back on track.

1.  I’m on vacation right now, mostly unplugged.  Yes, there’s an occasional tweet or Facebook status change, but I’ve slowed down immensely.  Today,  I just felt like posting.

2.  We’ve been on a huge roller coaster ride with our church.  WAY too long to spell out here, but one where God has grown us by leaps and bounds.  No, the growth does NOT speak to number of attenders.  I’m talking personal growth for my pastor hubby and me.  Yep, more hurt involved.  And that’s okay.  Because the blessings have outweighed the hurt, as it always does.  Thanks to those who’ve invested and deeply loved on us. And great big thank you to my “office mentors” who are way more than just work friends.  You know who you are.

3.  I’m sick of the cold weather.  I know many of you feel the same. The older I get, the more cold weather gets under my skin.  Literally.  This 70-degree thing we have going in Nashville has totally helped me get my mood back on track.   I’m typing now with an open window, over looking my deck, sunny sky and wooded backyard.  Good times.

4.  I’m reading through no less than 3 leadership books right now, plus getting ready to attend a cool “brown bag” Blue Ocean Strategy lunch led by none other than our company president.  He’s a way cool guy with loads of knowledge to impart.  And he makes me laugh. That’s a nice combo. I’m growing as a leader left and right, but with that comes some HUGE challenges

5.  I’m headed to the Beth Moore Minister’s Wives Conference this weekend being brought to Nashville by the fine women’s events team at my office.  Kudos to the team for great preparation.  Our pre-conference leadership event is SOLD OUT!  I’m looking forward to some “renewal”.   Just in time.

6.  My daughter is home from college for the week.  She’s supposed to be making applications for summer jobs.  It’s after 12noon and she’s still asleep.  And so it goes.

7.  I just received a pair of free CROCS in the mail.  The FedEx truck just left.  Are you a CROCS fan?  Me, not so much.  CrocsBut I really like these. I had received a free gift certificate at Blissdom 09 and redeemed it online.  Photo here.  Aren’t they the coolest?  And they match my red handbag.

8.  My cat and dogs all need baths. I’m resisting.  May be easier to pack ’em all up and send to the groomer.  That’s $$ out of pocket.  But what is my time worth.  Seriously.

9.  How bad is it that my next fun “personal event” has to do with chocolate? A dear friend is hosting a chocolate afternoon. That’s all she had to say. Chocolate.  I’m there.

10.  A highlight from last week was my annual physical.  I’m not kidding. Spent a 1/2 day at my annual exam, from full blood work to EKG.  Surprising, I’m in pretty good shape.  Of course, I could always lose a pound or two or twenty.  But overall, I’m keeping the doctor away for another year. Thank you, Lord, for blessing me with good health and  good genes.

11.  As for the rest of my week, I’ve been blessed by a hubby who is insisting I take a “spa day”.  WHOA!  Don’t need to ask me twice about that either!

12.  Oh, and I bought a car since last time we got together.  No more German engineering.  Kind of miss it, but maintenance was sucking my checking account dry.   

I’ll stop here.  I’d like to spend some time investigating my spa day.  Oh, and I am working, just a little.  Important conference call in 30 minutes.   Love ya’ll to death!  Holla back!


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