Great big thank you

Posted: March 15, 2009 in Uncategorized

WOW what a weekend…

I spent Thursday thru Saturday at Two Rivers Baptist Church for a terrific Minister’s Wives event.   Our LifeWay Women‘s team presented the pre-conference and then brought in Beth Moore for her Living Proof LIve conference, this time exclusively for us minister’s wives.

God brought it through both the music and spoken word!   Terrific worship from Travis Cottrell and team led us before the throne both Friday night and Saturday.

By the time I caught up with my hubs at Starbucks after the conference, I was spiritually filled to the rim, but emotionally zapped. What a great time – and oh how God’s timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  Remember, only HE sees our lives as the whole. He knew. He Knew.

So thanks to everyone who came.  A great big thank you to my social network friends who looked me up to meet in person.  Dang, that was the coolest ever.  Twitter has really paid off, too … I met many of you.  I’m lovin’ this coast-to-coast friend thing … friends who are living right where I am.  Beyond insane timing!

I’m posting this on Sunday morning, since our church now meets on Sunday evenings. Around Nashville around 6:30pm tonight? Drop on by!

Love ya’ll!


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