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Where have I been, really?


Good question.

A dear pastor friend of my husband’s stopped me in Starbucks the other day.  He simply said “you’re not posting much on your blog these days”.   First of all, I didn’t really think anyone was reading it.  I mean the page views were there, but not too many comments, etc. I was glad he had noticed. But it really was a true statement.

Secondly, I had simply been placing my writing at a lower priority. Other things had been taking its place. 

If you’ve stopped by my blog, most likely you have dropped in and read my husband’s. Therefore, you are aware of the challenges we’ve faced with our church since the beginning of the year.  Being close to a one-income family has been quite the undertaking on a number of levels.  

It started officially for me when I traded in my more expensive, high maintenance German car for a smaller, gas-saving Korean model. Crazy as it sounds, I’ve enjoyed it so much.  And I know it was the right decision. Joe and I have worked together to pay off some smaller bills, and cut back on other things to reduce what $$ that go out the door. In these areas, we’ve done quite well

Our daughter even got a full-time job that is allowing her to take over her car payment & her own insurance.  She is 19 and should be paying for that anyway. She has been most helpful, in a very grown up way, to take on these responsibilities. 

So there have been some REALLY nice things happening through the process.

Just last night, I returned from a women’s conference in Birmingham. It wasn’t one produced by the team I work with, but produced by another fine ministry organization that does similar work to ours. My work pal Paige and I drove down for the weekend, enjoying all access to everything at the conference.  We were blessed to soak in some good teaching and wonderful fellowship, including eating meals and hanging out backstage with the platform speakers and production crew, just like we do with our own events.  How lovely the time was to ATTEND a conference without working it.

On our way home, some dear Jesus-lovin’ friends (who I literally never knew before “meeting” them online) put together a dinner to meet up with Paige and me. Note that it IS possible to meet good people on the internet and develop a lasting friendship!  You all know who you are!

Through my comings and goings, I’ve been reminded how important it is just to stop the craziness of our lives and put priority on what God would have us to focus on. 

I’ve committed to get back on track. (I wanted to say it here, too, so you’ll help hold me accountable.)

I’ve placed priority on putting God first through REALLY regularly spending time in His Word. AND not only getting spiritually fit, but getting physically fit. I’ve been feeling a difference in both areas, but conviction has been setting in at a whole new level.

While I’ve been trying to reconcile the physical balance in my life, the spiritual reconciliation has been a tougher one.

For instance, God has challenged me to reconcile old relationships gone bad, especially along the way in ministry. It is so interesting how tough that is, when it truly should be the easiest. A word of caution:  If God is dealing with you in this area, I’ve learned to guard my expectations. Just because I HAVE been feeling conviction about repairing a relationship, it doesn’t mean someone else has been walking around feeling that same level of conviction. Therefore, a 360-degree reconciliation may never happen. Know that going in, or you’ll swim in a sea of disappointment.

At the end of the day, it’s truly been about fitness. Fitness AND the balance of it all. When your body is physically fit, it is natural to do things and even push your body to do things that it wouldn’t otherwise be able to do.  When you are spiritually fit, your spirit self reaches new heights and levels to do things that wouldn’t otherwise occur to you. I’ve been reaching for Him ’til it hurts and more.

Through it all, blessings have poured down through opportunities around me that have been challenging me BOTH physically and spiritually. More detail at a later date.

But this is really where I’ve been. I’ve found myself to be so grateful for friends who’ve walked with me as I’ve committed to get my body in better shape. And I’ve been equally grateful to those whom God has placed in my path, providing Godly wisdom and truth for my spiritual balance, for such a time as this.

In times like these, how are YOU working on your spiritual and physical fitness?


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