Good times since last we met

Posted: July 22, 2009 in Uncategorized
eWomen Event in Birmingham

Love women's events!!

Meet a new friend (in the middle). Her name is Beth Cleveland. She coordinates womens events too. We just met her and were blown away by Beth’s passion and dedication to her ministry.

She worked SO hard, while my work pal Paige and I were treated like royalty while attending as guests earlier this year at this terrific conference in Birmingham.

Thanks to all our pals in “the Ham”, including a FAB after-dinner with our Tweeps from Twitter (follow Paige or me on Twitter – it’s crazy fun!)

Gramma and the grandkids

Gramma and the grandkids

The photo at the right is really special to me.

My mom had made a promise a couple of years ago to my girls – that she would take them on the General Jackson showboat.  It’s a big Nashville tourist attraction.

So, earlier in the summer, off they went.  Gramma’s treat.  It was special for me to see my mom loving on the grandkids.  It was a great day for my youngest daughter, as well as my oldest and her hubby.  A lot of memories were made that day.

Since the time of these photos, the Case fam has been “over the top” busy with a lot of new things happening.  With every plan WE thought we had in place, something different has come along. So we’re just hanging on for the ride.

Stay tuned. There’s some great fun happening in the coming weeks and I’ll be logging it all right here!

Love y’all!


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