New beginnings … starting at the top of my head

Posted: August 10, 2009 in Uncategorized

My world is spinning. At first I thought it was just the decongestant my doctor prescribed last week. But it seems this “spin” has my mind going a million different directions. It’s time to simplify…

#1 on my mind? I want to cut my hair off short.

Alright, before you start thinking “Pam, for real. Certainly you have something WAY more important to write about than that mop on the top of your head …” You must know where I’m coming from.

I have had shoulder-length and longer hair almost all my adult life, probably because my momma kept my hair pixie short most of my childhood. And maybe for no other reason than to prove I COULD grow my hair, I’ve simply kept it “Texas big” for years. I have a vision for what I’m looking to do with my long locks, but I think I want to get some extra feedback before investing in a major mop makeover. I want some input from YOU.

I’m going to dig up some sample pix this week. You choose. It will be that simple. Got an idea for me? Comment. Include links with sample hairstyles.

By next Monday, I’ll post a before and after.

THIS is going to be fun!


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